Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He Has His Father's Eyes

I was surprised to learn that Ryan had his first baby dream the other night. Ryan was a prolific (and surprisingly accurate) baby dreamer while I was pregnant with Tess, so it wasn't so much the dream that surprised me. Ryan had baby-girl dreams long before we knew Tess was a girl. And he dreamed about her blond curly hair while she was still a cueball.

But the timing of his baby dream dream did surprise me because...well, there's no baby to dream about right now. I was also very surprised that this was a baby-boy dream. Ry loves his little girl Tess. Me too. We would love a little sister for Tess. But Ry dreamed about a baby boy.

According to Ry, he was a very cute baby boy with brown hair, like his cousin Andrew. Ryan said the baby was also amazingly smart. At 9 mos, the baby was talking in complete sentences to Ryan. Ryan was impressed with how precocious the baby was and Ryan was trying to convince me of our child's superior intellect.

For some reason though, I didn't seem very impressed or really very interested in the baby. I countered: "I don't care how smart he is, it doesn't make up for the fact that he has 3 eyes!"

Yes, our darling baby boy had 3 eyes. This didn't seem to matter very much to Ryan in the dream, but I guess I wasn't too happy about it.

So much for Ryan's prophetic dreams. Do I have reason to be worried?


Nana and Papa said...

"The third eye" in Eastern philosophy represents wisdom, foresight, enlightenment. Let's hope Ryan's "vision" is purely symbolic--you know, brilliant, prescient kid. That is, lots of *in*sight; no *cyclop*edic ability.

xo nana

Laura said...

Maybe he was having a dream about my baby :) It's funny because I had a dream last night that I was holding a newborn baby boy.

Ryan and Miriam said...

That would make sense, Laura, since the baby looked like Andrew (with the exception of the extra pupil.) Let's go with that--cuz I really want a girl!

Maureen said...

That picture is MAJORLY disturbing. If you ever make a blog book, be sure to remove it!

Ann said...

You think you want a girl until you have a boy. oh, you will LOVE your boy. daddys fall in love with their little girls and mommys fall in love with their little boys!

East Coast Jenny said...

I agree with the above comment. I truly love my girls, but I smitten with this boy of mine.