Friday, December 26, 2008

It's a Christmas MIRACLE!

Well, we knew it was going to be a special Christmas when Tess delivered her personalized gift on Christmas Eve. It took FIVE days, but we finally found the penny in her pants! We were all greatly relieved (especially Tess).

I know you are all anxious to see the offending penny. We had heard stories that it would come out bright and shiny--false! It was actually really dark, but it's amazing how a penny shines up after soaking in hand sanitizer for two days.

Brooke had expressed particular concern over the situation. First thing when we saw Brooke, she said to Tess: "Open your mouth. I want to see the shiny penny!" Now that the situation has resolved itself, Brooke periodically declares, "No more pennies for Tess!" Amen to that!

We've been having a wonderful Christmas holiday with Nana, Papa and the Hoopes! Brookie is a riot and little Fuzzers is a speed demon. He's on the cusp of walking, but with a walker in his hands, he RUNS! (He's something akin to Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows).

We had our annual Christmas Eve program. I Tivoed some of the night's performances for your entertainment. Tess really enjoyed the candy cane part of Brookie's poem. Tess sucked on that thing the rest of the night. When I was carrying her up to bed that night, I heard something drop on the stairs. It was the candy cane.

We were back at Nana & Papa's on Christmas morning. Santa brought Tess this adorable doll house that I am just so excited about! It's so cute and interactive. The house makes all sorts of noises--the doorbell rings, toilet flushes, the boy in the bed snores, the duck in the bath quacks, the stove lights up & dings--just all kinds of fun things.

Don't believe that we had a good time? I have the pictures to prove it!

Merry Christmas 2008!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still No Penny

I'm beginning to wonder whether she actually swallowed it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Find a Penny, Pick It Up...

...and all day long you'll have good luck!
Don't believe it for a second.

Well, we left Tessie with her first babysitter this weekend. Every year we go to a Christmas concert with Keith and Wendy--this year it was the Vienna Boys Choir.

We figured it was about time to find a real babysitter,(Why do I keep typing "babysister?" That's NOT what I mean!) so Ry & I can go out every now and then. I asked one of the Young Women in our ward, and I was nervous about leaving her, but we were excited for an evening out.

Dad trying to convince Tessie to wear her hat.

Well, it was 1 1/2 hours before we were supposed to go, when Tess got her hands on my wallet and managed to swallow a penny. Choking ensued. She was turning red and I turned her over my arm and banged her on the back. She started crying, which at least meant that she was breathing, and then she started choking again. Then she threw up and kept crying. At that point I called 911.

They sent an ambulance out and by the time it got here, she was laughing, waving and all smiles. I think that she must have actually swallowed it. The EMT's said they could take her to the emergency room for an x-ray, but all the doctor would do is say, "Yep, there it is."

So, when I picked up the sitter, I had to tell her, "Tess is a good baby. One little thing, she swallowed a penny today." My sitter asked apprehensively, "Has it come out yet?" Nope.

Long story long, we went to the concert (with my cell phone on vibrate) and despite my anxiety, we actually had a good time. Tess survived the night, with no sign of the penny (to the great relief of my sitter).

We forgot to take a pic at the concert,
so we improvised this self-timed portrait at home.

I put Ryan on Penny Patrol today, because I had a spa day scheduled at Elizabeth Arden. (Ry gave me a gift certificate for Mother's Day. Not this past Mother's Day, but the one BEFORE that--when I was pregnant! It expires this month, so I had to use it!) It was GOOD--I needed that massage! Still no penny on Ry's watch. (Though he was a diligent searcher. I'll spare you the details).

In addition to pennies, Tess has become a connoisseur of aspargus spears.
Everything tastes good when it's stolen off Dad's plate.
(No, Ryan doesn't usually have pennies on his plate.)

She seems to be feeling fine, but she has had hiccups several times today. We just put her down for the night, so I guess no penny today. Maybe it will make its appearance tomorrow.

Miss Moneybags was in a literary mood today!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Little Christmas Spirit

Ann did this with her family--Ry & I were laughing our heads off!

I couldn't resist.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

One Year Older, and Wiser Too!

What a special day it's been! Our little Tessiepie is now officially one year old! I've been dreading this day for some time now. One year old--that's really not a baby anymore.

But then she got sick last week. She was running a temperature for six days straight--not sleeping well at nights and keeping me up. It was a small reminder of what she was like as a newborn. I was so exhausted all the time! I am SO happy we are past that point. I guess I don't really want her to be a baby again. She's much more fun when she sleeps at night (and so am I!).

So today we've been celebrating how grateful we are to have Tessie. It's been a difficult and challenging year in many ways, but Tess has brought so much joy into our lives. It's been a rewarding and immensely fulfilling time in my life. We are so blessed to have our Tess.

Tess was a very good girl at church today. She is a social bug and she loves going to church. Today she wore her special Christmas dress from Nana & Papa. She looks so grown up in it.

After church we took cupcakes to some of her little friends in the ward. The kids in our ward are so good with her. They are patient, gentle and kind to her. Some of the little girls think she's just a big baby doll to play with. Here are some pics from our ward Christmas party last night:

I made her friends monkey cupcakes and we dropped them off with the following poem. They were a big hit!

Maia (in full princess regalia). She also had a birthday this week, so she knows how special December birthdays are!

Sean and Wesley~Sean scarfed down half the cupcake before I could snap a picture.
He took great delight in eating the monkey's face!

Grace~Gracie is so sweet to Tess! Every time she sees Tess, Grace lights up with a huge smile and rushes over to say hi! She'll get right down on the floor to play with Tess and she always shares her toys. Today during sacrament meeting, Grace kept Tess well supplied with Cheerios passed over top of the pew. It's no wonder Tess gets excited when she sees Grace!

After we delivered our cupcakes, Nana and Papa came over for a birthday visit. Tess adores her Nana and Papa!

She got in lots of grandparent hugs and Papa tested her to see if she was ready to take her first steps (not even close!).

She opened her present from Nana & Papa--a baby doll, which she was quite pleased with. She even gave the baby a kiss (She kisses things by licking them. On a good day, my cheeks are soggy.)

Then Tess devoured her own cupcake. She was not shy about it.

Going. . . Going . . .


Tess got some other fun presents, too: a couple of snuggly hats my friend Jenny crocheted for her; some stylin' new duds from her Dipsy & Papa Murdock; and a sweet album from her Aunt Maureen.

And now Tess is all comfy, cozy in her bed--ASLEEP! Hallelujah! We made it through a whole year, and she's still alive, and she's ASLEEP! Now that's something to be grateful for!

The tree pic I promised Mom!
Love you, Mom!