Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last Days of Summer & First Days of School

We packed in the final days of summer with tons of fun.

 Sewing projects for the kids' Idaho animals.

A trip to Burke Lake Park with Dad.

"All aboard!"

Tess and Drew have become pros at riding the merry-go-round.  

Tess, home from the pool at 8 pm: "Oh good, there's still time for us to stay up and watch the nighttime sky!"

Tess and Drew, gazing down on their subjects.  

 Occoquan bakery run.  "I'll have a sugar cookie and a millionaire dollar cookie and a monster cookie."

The porch of "Mom's Apple Pie Bakery" makes for a great racetrack.  

And then it came to an end...

Tess' first day of First Grade!  She had a few worries in the morning, but no tears.  
She had a great day, if you leave out the part about coming home with a 103 degree temperature!

She ended up missing the rest of the first week of school with a 
104 degree fever that raged on for 6 days.

 Drew's first day of preschool at St. Matthews.  He will be attending 2 mornings a week, from 9-11:45 each day.  The other two days we will be part of a home preschool group.

Drew's first day and Tess' second day!

Drew was very excited be starting his own school, and having somewhere to go in the morning "just like Dad."  I walked him, got him situated playing play-doh and told him I was going to go.  His eyes welled up and got all red.  His teacher reassured him, he wiped his eyes, put on a fake smile and waved goodbye!  He did just great and was very proud of his first day.

Drew with his official St. Matthew's tote.  Green, of course.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Phone Dump

Posting some phone pics that never made it on the blog because my phone app wasn't working.

Drew's playgroup from fall of last year.  A bunch of wild boys and one lowly girl.

 Keith Brim, Charlie Gardner, Mark Bringhurst, Charlie Archibald, 
Sebastian Stephens, Drew, Emily Bales

Trying to fill our mornings when Tess went to school last year. 

At the Manassas air show.

 DC trip & lunch with Dad at Potbelly's.

Tess warning sign of a spill.  Thanks for the notice--how about cleaning it up?

  We spent many an hour playing marble race tracks with Drew's friend Sebastian last year.

 Springtime turtles at Westridge. 

 Springtime hike at Prince William Forest Park.

  More turtles, this time at Hidden Pond Nature Center.

 This kid never met a playground he didn't like.

 "Catching frogs is one of my talents."

 The green superhero likes to bring flowers for his mommy.

 Grave memorial for the baby bird that fell out of our attic vent.

 My kids are kind of obsessed with the idea of IKEA, even though we haven't been there much. Apparently they think it's a busy place.

Drew's trip to the fire station with his friend Sebastian.

 Ballerina bun for Tess' dance recital.  
300 gazillion bobby pins and a gallon of hairspray.

 Drew stealing the limelight.

Tess' manifestation of my Facebook addiction.

 Primary ice cream /bike party.  The kids earned scoops and toppings for memorizing Articles of Faith.  
So far Tess has memorized 9 of them.

Tess and Lindsay

Tess decorated her bike for the party.

Last day of kindergarten.  I brought ice pops to the bus stop for the mob of kids.  
They were all thrilled, except for Tess.  She was distraught that school had ended.  
She cried for hours and then we had to go to her ballet recital.  

 This may be may all-time pic of Drew.  
Look at that cute face and that cute frog.

Trying to fill the long summer days.  
Tess found cat masks on the computer and then they wanted to drink milk like cats.

 More frogs.  The kids have no fear when catching these tiny guys.

 Ward Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast and bike parade.  
This is a longstanding ward tradition that still gives Tess anxiety.  
She begs us to stay close while she rides, but then she wants to take off on her bike.  

 Fourth of July fireworks at Lorton Arthouse.  Nana spoiled Tess with cotton candy.  
Fireworks were an hour late going off.  

 Tess's friend Avi was also there.

 Super Tess chalk drawing.

 Summer princess playdate with Tess' friend Danielle.

Turtle sitting for a friend.  The kids loved "Roulen," mom not so much.  
He stunk to high heaven and I was constantly cleaning his tank.

FHE Tess planned on baptism.  

Tess is constantly making baby beds out of various supplies.

 Reptile show at the library.

Tess and Drew pirates, with portholes on our couch for the ship.

 Summer decorating at Nana's house. 

Summer crafts with Nana.  Advance preparations. :)