Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall 2014

Hitting the links with Tess and Drew

Tess and Drew love to visit the local miniature golf course to play a round.  Drew starts asking early on Saturdays: "Dad, can we go play golf?"  The course is nothing fancy--no tunnels, windmills, castles, animals, dinosaurs, or cartoon characters--but we always have fun.  

Tess and Drew pose before the first hole.  No surprise that Drew (flashing his "cheese ball" grin) picked a green ball.

Drew has come a long way since his early days as a miniature golfer.  When he was 2, he typically ran up to the hole, dropped the ball an inch from the hole, and then knocked it in (or tried to knock it in).

Golf queen!

Tess lines up her ball to knock it through the cheese pieces (what she and Drew call the yellow concrete obstacles).

My moment of glory!  Hole in one on number 16!  Drew is still catching on to the concept of a hole in one. On hole number 2, he must have hit his ball 25 times.  When he finally knocked it in, he exclaimed, "I got a hole in one!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 2014 Tidbits

Drew enjoyed visiting an orchard to pick apples. Today, he exclaimed, "Dad, I had a fun time in the mountains!"

While reading a book tonight about BMX bikes (one of Drew's favorite subjects), we looked at a photo of two bikers riding in a bleak-looking desert. There was a large mountain behind them. I asked Drew, "Where do you think these bikers are?" Drew replied, "Maybe in the mountains picking apples!"

Talking to Drew about a toy truck that wasn't making its usual noises:
Ryan: "Drew, we need to go to the store to buy some new batteries."
Drew: "Dad, you can go by yourself 'cause I want to play here with Dipsy."

Mir and Drew visited the bathroom at church. Drew asked, "Mom, is this Jesus' potty? It from a long time ago?"

Drew at bedtime: "Dad, when you file your nails, you can put them under your pillow and the tooth fairy will get them."
Ryan: "Drew, does the tooth fairy give you something?"
Drew: "She gives you two quarters."
Ryan: "What do you do with two quarters?"
Drew: "You can buy a sticky duck at the gumball machine. It won't get dirty."

Tess told us about her class at church. "We talked about the Bill of Rights. It was like we were in law school."

Talking to Drew about his day at school (St. Matthew's), we learned that he had played several times with a particular friend. We asked him, "What is his name?" Drew replied: "St. Matthew's. He's still there."

I talked to Drew this morning about being a brave boy at school, he said, "I be happy." His first words when I spoke to him by phone about his day: "I'm really happy!"

Tess: "Mom, can I buy lunch tomorrow at school?"
Mir: "Why?"
Tess: "I don't know, but they might be having baked beans tomorrow. Mmmmmm. I just love baked beans!"

Tess has been enjoying school more this year. She said, "You know what, Mom, my days are feeling shorter. Nine to 3 doesn't seem like six hours anymore. It feels like one hour!"

Mir put together a scrapbook page on Drew for his preschool class. The page features, among other things, photos of Drew and family members that Mir had developed at the drug store. Drew was excited to show me the page tonight.
Ryan: "Drew, who helped you make this page?"
Drew: "The Walgreens guy."

Drew has become fascinated with playing a certain game on the iPhone. Today he said, "Dad, can you play 'Temple Run'?"
Ryan: "No, Drew, let's do something else."
Drew: "But Dad, it's iPod time, it's iPod time!"

Drew is really into "finding" money for the gumball machine these days. He likes to go into Ry's closet and "find" money in his loose change stash. We had a talk about how that money is Daddy's and now Drew always come out of the closet and says, "Mom, I found dis money for a gumball 'chine. I gonna ask Dad I have it, pretty please?"

Drew has crafted a name for a heretofore unknown animal hybrid. While watching a cartoon this morning, I asked him to identify an animal.
Ryan: "Drew, what animal is that?"
Drew: "An otterpop."

Dressed in his superhero suit, Drew said, "Dad, let's get on the couch and talk about someping." He laid down on the couch and added, "Let's lay like this."

Drew dressed up in his green superhero suit. He said, "I'm White Lantern 'cause I glow in the dark!"