Sunday, June 23, 2013

Princess Playdate

Tess started asking months ago if she could have a princess playdate with some friends.  I got tired of her asking, so trying to put it off I said it would be best to do it when school was out.  "OK, Mom, but we have to pick a date.  A REAL date on the calendar cuz I have to put it on my invitations."  She looked at her calendar, "How about June 20th?"Figuring she'd forget all about it by June 20th, I agreed.

I should have known better.  Here is a picture of Tess on June 20th waiting on the front porch for the other princesses (Danielle James, Lindsay Watson, and Elise Sammis) to arrive.  

That last line of the invitation was a capitulation Tess put in there for her own benefit, since we don't have Disney princess outfits.  She dressed up as "Princess Julie."  Baby Emmie dressed as a princess too.

I told Tess this was going to be a lowkey affair.  I did make cupcakes and gave the girls a lesson on how to cut using knives.  They thought that was fun. They cut strawberries and helped decorate the cupcakes.

They did princess paintings.

And princess dancing.

And we had lunch on my china and teacups. 
 (Jody stayed and helped, which meant that big sister Denise got to stay too.)

Then they disappeared upstairs, where they got into my fabric and craft supplies and made their own "dresses."  Naturally, a fashion show was in order.

Cute girls.  Elise recently lost her first tooth, and she used her money to buy princess candy at the dollar store to share with everyone. 

So, I've done my part.
At least now when Tess wants a princess birthday I can say we've already done one!

A Post from My Pocket

Drew in his big boy underwear.

Tess when she was supposed to be brushing her teeth.

Spray Park fun.

Playing church.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Drew has inherited his father's love of a good slurpee.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

OBX Vacation 2013

Ready for a little beach overload?