Monday, September 17, 2012

The Camera Cord is...FOUND!

So I finally did enough unpacking to find my camera cord.  I've been making do with Instagram pics during the marathon move.  And what a marathon it was--I'm still sore all over from it!  

We're in the new house and absolutely LOVING it!  We still have a long way to go before we'll feel settled, but we're making progress.  The kids have been real troopers during it all, as has Ryan.  My aching feet have put up a good fight as well.

First dinner in the new house, right after closing.

First day having moved in, Tess christened the driveway so it's clear who lives here.

The kids play outside every day.  It's a great, quiet street with lots of space to run free.  We've made some friends on the cul-de-sac as well.  We're the only ones home during the day, though.  Everyone else is at work, school or day care.  I can't say we really mind it.

Drewie is in love with the neighbors' big basketball hoop.

 We had lots of help getting the townhouse ready for movers.  I had friends come and help me paint and the Relief Society sisters helped me get the place clean.  Lots of help, but still a lot of work.  

I'll tell you what--we have had enough of moving!  Once we were done with the townhouse, we decided to take the entire weekend off from anything moving-related.  It has been a glorious, golden start to fall, so we head off for a little apple picking at Hartland Farm.

They still had a few raspberries on, so we started with Drew's favorite food in the whole world.  We should have weighed him before and after so we could pay for the pint he ate straight off the bushes.

Then on to the apples.  Can't say we were super efficient with the two mini apple-pickers in tow, but we had a good time.

Drew thought all the "aps" were balls and focused his efforts on putting them in the "hoop."

Between the raspberries, dirt and apple mush, this kid managed to get very dirty.

Drew got to practice his favorite activity of late--climbing.  

We wore this kid out, and as it turns out, he came down with a bad cold during the middle of the day.  Poor puppy.  "When are you just going to let me rest a little, Mom & Dad?"

Townhouse Rental

Photos pre-rental, taken September 14, 2012.