Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 2015 Tidbits

I was helping Tess write her talk for Primary, and we included a quotation from the scriptures. Tess asked if when she read it, she need to do this--and gave the motion for air quotes.
Tess: "Jail is so sophisticated. Dad, what does 'sophisticated' mean?"
Drew, while attempting to catch fireflies: "Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread fly."
 Drewism: "You're the right man." E.g., "Dad, you're the right man to get those high blackberries 'cause you're tall" and "Dad, you're the right man to walk into that thorn bush 'cause you have good pants."
Drew, while reading a book at bedtime about sharks, made his preference known for sharks in books: "Dad, I only like paper sharks 'cause real sharks will bite you."
A neighbor kid was wistfully watching Drew squeal with delight as he ran through the sprinkler: "Drew always has a good time."
Drew: "Mom, if Dad has to go to the haircut place I can go with him so he won't be scared."
Drew is planning his campfire meal for cousins camp: "Mom, I have a good idea: I can put a line across my hot dog and put my marshmallow inside! What? It won't be gross! I won't even have ketchup on it!"
Favorite Drew phrase: "How about this...?" Useful for proposing his own rendition of how he would like things to go.
Drew officially has a new name: Drew Ryan Ninja Turtle Higginbotham.
Tess is excited about our summer trip: "I love Salt Lake City! That's where dinosaurs used to be!"
Drew dramatically banged the empty canister of his favorite gummy vitamins on the counter and said: "Now we can never be strong and healthy again."
Another new Drew phrase: When recounting a story, he often has to add, "But something's a little bit sad...." Then he has to tell a sad part of the story with a very pouty lower lip. E.g., "Drew, did you get to have ice cream with Dad?" "Yeah, but something's a little bit sad. I didn't get any gummy worms on top."
Drew is convinced his name is spelled DREWH. We taught him the H as the initial of his last name, but he is fully convinced that his name must include the H.
Drew was picking out library books, and he wanted a book on sharks. I told him to look through it and make sure it wasn't too scary. He flipped through it and said, "Yep, Mom, it's too scary. Dad will have to read it to me."
Drew loves to go out and find wild blackberries. Once he's gathered two or three berries, he'll ask me to make pancakes to go with them.
Sunday evening and Ry says, "I think we need another day of the week to just relax." Drew, "I know!!! It could be called Pancake Day!!"