Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Bouncy playplace

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Monday, July 22, 2013

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Tess Tutorials

Channeling her aunt Reen, Tess has been making her own tutorial videos.

Tess painted this birdhouse with her Nana.

And a couple more:

Summertime, & the livin is EZ

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Sunday, July 7, 2013


The Beesleys sent us the game "Sorry!" We taught Drew that in the game you csn "knock" off other players.

He's mastered the knocking part.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

May/June 2013 Tidbits

We were discussing my upcoming birthday and Tess says to Drew: "Drewie, what do we have for birthdays that tastes yummy?" Drew's response: "Chocolate."

For FHE, the kids always like to perform a few "tricks" for us, which usually entails some sort of rolling around on the floor. When Drew did his trick, we all clapped and Tess exclaimed: "And the crowd goes wild!"

Ry and the kids had come home from the pool. Tess was calling to Ryan from the basement, but he couldn't hear what she was saying. Tess: "Dad, do you still have your earplug in or something?"

I was getting Drew's bottle of milk ready, when he asked for orange juice (his favorite drink). Tess: "No no, Drewie! Orange juice isn't on the nighttime menu!"

Tess was getting ready to take Drew's bottle up to him in bed. "I am going to tell him, 'Here's your midnight snack!'"

Ryan: " Drew, Do you know where milk comes from?"
Drew: "In da fridge."

Tess was watching a show that featured some twins. I (Ryan) asked her: "Tess, would you like to have a twin?"

Tess: "I have Drew."

Ryan: "Drew is your twin?"

Tess: "Daddy! If there is a boy and a girl and you both have blond hair and you have the same color skin, then it's kind of like a twin."

This morning, I (Ryan) wrapped Drew up in a blanket while he watched a show. Apparently unsatisfied, he looked at me and said, "Need snack." I got him a snack bar. Apparently still unsatisfied, he looked at me and said, "Pretzels." I replied, "You want some pretzels?" Drew responded, "Bag pretzels."

Drew made a comment about having "geen monkey cheese [macaroni and cheese]."

Tess responded: "You could make green macaroni and cheese with broccoli or guacamole. I mean, avocado."

Tess: "Mommy, I'm carsick. That means I'm bored."

Tess was unhappy that Drew was switching back and forth in talking about what he wanted to do: "Play cars," "play golf," "play cars." She complained, "He has too many energy," and sat down on the couch to watch TV.

Tess: "Mom, I think we should start over with Drew's favorite color. I never get anything green anymore."

Tess' Family Home Evening lesson tonight: Design your own church, in case you want to be a church designer when you grow up.

Tess has been dancing around singing a French inspired song of her own creation. Of course, "Paris" is in the French pronunciation.

"I'm flying to Paris,

It's the place to be!

I could hear 'bonjour's' all over the country!

I'll bring the music with me!

I'll meet you there at Paris!

I'll stop by my friend's cafe,

Have bread or a cupcake too.

I fly by, I fly, I flew

By the Eiffel Tower,

I say 'Bonjour!' to everybody!"


Drew, wearing socks on his hands, ran over to me (Ryan) and pinched my arm. He then announced: "Mm [I'm] get Tessie! Mm get Mommy!"

Miriam: "Drew, does Mommy love you a little much or a big much?"

Drew: "Baby much."

Discussing plans to go to the aquarium:

Miriam: "Drew, do you want to go to the museum to see fish?"

Tess: "In order for Drew to understand, you have to say fishies."

Tess' name for her future beach house: "Sunnyville Sun."

Drew pointed up at the Dairy Queen sign: "Lemon!"

While hunting for ghost crabs, Tess commented: "My heart goes side to side, side to side. It means I'm a little bit scared."

Drew: "'Cited!"

Whenever we go outside at the beach house, Drew says, "Golf, golf ball."

Drew saw a storefront sign for Tropical Smoothie Cafe as we drove by on the way to the beach. He declared, "Smoodies!" (The power of a logo.)

Tess (following our hunt for ghost crabs): "Mommy's going to have nightmares about crabs."

Tess: "The back of my leg is a popular spot for boo-boos."

Drew's reaction when we arrived at the beach house: "Vacation!" (We didn't know he knew the word.)

When I woke up Drew on the day we left for the beach, I asked him: "Drew, do you know what day it is?"

Drew: "Tuesday."

Dad: "Sunday. Do you know where we're going today?"

Drew: "Chuck E. Cheese!"

Tess: "Princess libraries"

Drew's word for swimsuits: "Swimsoups!"

Tess has been taking care of a baby frog from our neighborhood pond. She named it "Nemo Joshua." We decided to catch one for Drew. His is named "Geen." We put them in the same jar (much to Tess' objection). Drew said: "Coot family. Neighborhood. Frogs dancing."

Every time we go to the library, Tess wants to get a new book about the human body. I told her that if she's interested in a specific part of the body, there are books specifically about eyes, ears or the heart. "No, Mom. I need one about the whole body. Cuz if I'm going to be a doctor when I grow up, I'm going to need to know about all the tools."

Tess: "I want to be a doctor when I grow up so I can see what it really looks like inside your ear or your eye. Right now I can only see the outside of my ear. It's dark in there."

I was reading Drew the farm book for bed, and he pointed at each window of the farmhouse to show where Dad, Mom, Tess and Drew sleep. When I asked who sleeps in the barn, he replied: "Cars."

Finishing up Drew's bedtime story: "I no-likened the end."

Working in the yard when I swallowed some kind of ill-fated bug. I'm gagging, hacking and wheezing when Tess has to add insult to injury: "Hey Mom, you're the old lady who swallowed a fly!"

Middle of the night, Drew is up again because he's not feeling well. Ryan's reading him a book about a farm, and he asks Drew where the horse lives. Instead of the barn, Drew points to the farmhouse. In an effort to correct him, Ryan asks: "The horse lives in the house?!" Drew responds: "Uh huh. Watch tv."

I had to leave Drew with a friend while I went to a quick appointment, and he was protesting. I told him it would be very short and that I'd be right back. "I no-likened short backs."

"Mom, did you know that the letter "s" can sometimes sound like the letter "z," if you have to say it kind of crooked-y?

Tess was a bit hoarse this morning. She told me, "There's kind of a clog in my mouth," and demonstrated with an "ehh...ehh" sound.

In an effort to attract the attention of two boys who recently moved into a neighboring house, Tess engaged in a variety of exaggerated movements on our driveway. "Look, Mom, I'm practicing my Russian dancing!"

Drew's comments about his train tunnel: "Spooky, monster, spiders."

When I (Ryan) encouraged Drew to put on his sunglasses, he replied, "Too spooky."

Tess was talking with Ryan about the tooth fairy. She asked what happens if you lose a tooth and then misplace it before you place it under your pillow. "Does the tooth fairy still leave you a coin?" Ryan suggested you could just write a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened. Tess' idea: "Or you could just smile while you're sleeping to show the Tooth Fairy that your tooth is really out." I later asked her how she could be certain that she was smiling while sleeping. She replied, "I just think of something fun."

I took paperwork to Tess' doctor so I could register her for kindergarten. Turns out I never took her in for her 5 yr old physical. I don't know how that happened. I remember putting a lot of effort into thinking about taking her and I could swear I actually did it. Nope.

Random Tess comment: "Jellyfish are the bumblebees of the ocean. Except they don't like nectar."

New Drew term for his favorite meal of macaroni & cheese: "monkey cheese."

Tess asked me what happens to your skin when you burn yourself. Not entirely understanding her question and trying to avoid graphic answers, I replied, "What do you mean? Your skin gets a burn and you get an owie." Not satisfied with my answer she said: "Mom, you can't explain what a word means by using the same word! That's just not helpful!"

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

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