Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 2014 Tidbits

Tess watching her favorite cartoon, Arthur: "Mom, do you know how I can tell this episode is a really recent one?  Because the inking of the lines is darker on the characters.  Can you see that?"

Drew managed to swipe a small bicycle toy from his friend's house at playgroup today. I found it in his hand and he knew he wasn't supposed to have it. I took it from him and told him we'd have to give it back to his friend. Commence big pout with sad, downturned lip. Drew left the room and was very quiet for about 15 minutes, which is unusual for him but not something I minded. He came back in the room with the same deliberate pout. "Mom, you know why I be quiet? I be quiet cuz I want that bicycle toy!" 

Tess, after taking her vitamins: "The energy in my body has gone ALL the way up to the top!" 

Random Tess observation: "A doctor's life is pretty bad!"

Drew met a friend named Owen at the park. He informed us that there are two Owens: "one at Papa Murdock's, and one at the slide." 

Ryan pointed a duck out to Drew and asked him what it was. Drew's response: "It a puppy-goose!" (Meaning a little goose.) 

I commented to Tess that she likes to delay at bedtime. She protested, "It's not like a one-hour delay or something." (She's gotten used to missing school this year.) 

Ryan took the kids golfing before visiting the pond to feed the ducks. Tess approved: "It's good to go golfing first because our arms will be stronger and able to throw the bread farther for the ducks."

Drew's bedtime protest: "My breath not feel tired. My breath feel good!" 

Drew: "Cool beans, Bob dude!" 

Drew was unhappy about having to quit playing with his car track and go to bed. He said: "It not 'cool beans' anymore with my track." 

Drew: "Mom, you know all creatures love bubbles? You know what 'creatures' means? It means 'animals' in Spanish." 

I was working with Drew on letters today, and we were comparing capital E and capital F. Drew's observation: "F look like it lose a tooth!" 

Another Drew observation on the letter W: "Upside down it look like mommy's letter!" 

Tess was in my bed this morning while I was getting dressed. When I put on my bra, she asked: "How come you have to wear two layers of underwear?" I opted for a simple response: "Actually, these garments are a kind of underwear that only Mormons wear." Tess waited a minute and then said: "And...? And...? Keep going! Don't stop there! There are no periods here!" 

Drew and I visited the frog pond, and I greeted the frogs, "Hi there little frogs! How are you?" Drew greeted the frogs in turn, "Hi froggies! You wanna talk to my mom?" 

Drew on leaving the frog pond: "They ribbit cuz they going to miss me." 

Drew on seeing a half moon in the sky: "That's a D moon!" 

Dinner conversation with the sister missionaries. Drew: "My ice cream go in my mouth, down down down my tummy, and come out my penis!" 

Drew's favorite phrase of approval: "That cool!" 

On seeing a lone male duck at a pond, Ryan asked Tess, "Where's Mrs. Duck?" Tess' response: "She's out with her duckie friends at a restaurant and reading magazines at a spa."

Drew has definitely caught on to our sticker chart reward system. This morning Ryan helped him get dressed for church and then asked for a hug. Drew gave him a huge squeeze and Ry asked what the big hug was for. "Cuz I wanna get stickers!" 

Drew loves tortillas.  That is, unless I cut them into triangles.  "I like circles.  I no like triangles."