Tuesday, April 22, 2014

March 2014 Tidbits

Tess, Drew, and I went outside to look at the night sky.  Tess commented, "On Super Bowl Sunday, I saw my first constellation.  It was a tiger."  She pointed her flashlight at the trees and said, "Hey look, it's the Northern Lights."  

Tess is very unhappy about adjusting to Daylight Saving Time.  When I informed her that the clocks would switch back in October, she lamented, "Why do I have to do this all the way through October?  Why, why, why?"

Drew: "The sun a sleeping.  The sun go 'honshu,' 'honshu.'"

I got notice today that one of Tess' school art projects was selected for display at the district Arts Festival. I thought it was pretty cool, but Tess was not impressed with the piece they selected. "My Torn Teddy Bear artwork was really not very good."

Tess told me that her favorite part of pizza is eating the "handle" (i.e., the crust).

I told Tess that leprechauns may not make it through this snowstorm to our house tonight. She reassured me that they will be fine because they have teeny, tiny winter coats.

Several times each week, Tess asks me if mermaids are real. Each time I tell her, "I don't think so. I think they are probably fairy tales." And each time she retorts, "Yes they are! Scientists have found mermaid bones. They found a whole mermaid skeleton, including its tail!" One of us is being worn down, and I don't think it's Tess.

Ryan (talking to Drew about the missionaries coming to dinner): "Drew, were they girl missionaries or boy missionaries?"
Drew: "Just missionaries. They tall."
Ryan: "What did you have for dinner?"
Drew: "Meat."

Ryan: "Drew, when you get older you'll be able to shave your face with shaving cream." Drew (thinking about a different kind of cream): "I not like cream. It owie on my bum."

Drew and a friend were taking turns doing jumping tricks off the couch. When jumping, his friend would yell, "I'm Superman" or "I'm Spiderman!"  When Drew jumped, he'd yell: "I a pigeon!"

After many cold and snowy days forced her and her classmates to stay inside for recess, Tess was excited to report that she had gone outside twice for recess.

Tess: "It was fun, Mom, because when you drove me to school this morning, I looked at the playground and thought, 'I really miss this place.'"

Drew at lunchtime today: "Mom, I wanna go to 'Nera Bread (Panera Bread) and get mac n cheese. Let's get Dad's wallet and go there. We gotta pay it." 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

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