Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drew's 4th Birthday

Drew has been very much looking forward to his 4th birthday.  Ry made him his own birthday calendar for the month of November to help him count down the days.  He's very proud of all the things he can do now that he's 4, and he assures me all the time that 4 yr old hugs are as good as three yr old hugs.  "I gonna give you hugs all the days now I'm four, Mom!"

We had a family birthday celebration and then a small party with his playgroups friends.  He's been talking about a "Mighty Machines" birthday party for months now.  That's one of his favorite Netflix shows that has live footage of worker machines.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE1lo_tQACw  Unfortunately Netflix dropped the show a week before his party.

Ry felt it was important for Drew to have his first Nerf football.  He picked this one out for Drew.  Drew also got a hot wheels track, a remote control Mickey car from Dipsy & Papa, and a big stuffed animal turtle, which he has named "Barry" and "Turtley." (We'll see which name sticks.)  He'll get one more gift from Nana & Papa on Thanksgiving.  It's the holiday/birthday season that never ends!

Playgroup party time!

Playgroup friends playing in "dirt" (crushed graham crackers) with construction vehicles:  Ben Lutz, Sebastian Stephens, Drew, Whitney Marchant & Brielle Lichtey.  (Brynlee was sick.)

Drew's favorite new game:  Wrecking Ball.  Pretty self-explanatory.

 One more party game and then it was time for CAKE!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Days 2014

October lunch outing with Nana & Papa.

Annual October visit to Lake Ridge Nursery.  
The kids beg for this the minute they see the decorations go up in September!
Both kids were wild this year--they loved it and could not get enough.


We found a fun slide hidden in the back that was either new this year, or that we've missed every year before.


Jack o'Lantern 2014

 Halloween Party with Drew's Playgroup, l-r: Brynlee Witters, Whitney Marchant, Ben Lutz, Brielle Lichtey, Drew Higginbotham, Sebastian Stephens (baby brothers are in the front)

Elsa and The Green Lantern, Halloween Night

 The Loot.  We taught Drew how to sort this year.

 Tess numbered hers: 75 pieces of candy.

 Tess in her cute new outfit from Nana & Papa.

 Headed to the bus stop.

 Playgroup at our house.  We made the letter H out of playdough, and then I gave them cookie dough to make "H" cookies.

 Tess/Elsa at Disney's Frozen on Ice.  Wild, super fun night!

 Leafy games in the backyard with Dad.

 Holy tooth, Batman!  Tess waited a long time to lose her first tooth!  She popped it out on Dad's birthday! She was pretty thrilled!

 Tess' finished all 35 laps at her Boosterthon, on a super cold, very windy day!

Some shots from Drew's preschool.  He seems happy there!

 Windy days are good for kite flying; especially when you learned about letter "k" at preschool!