Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Happenings: Spring Break, Easter, Children's Museum, Soccer & the Bookmark Contest!

Tess' ready for Crazy Outfit Day at school.

The first grade also put on a performance of the Little Red Hen.

Drew doing his usual green thing.

Kids in their Easter finery.

Drew gave his first talk in Primary.

I let the kids pick out their own Easter craft.  Drew was not happy with the selection of bunnies and eggs, so he decided to make a Easter Alligator.

A favorite tradition: Easter cookies at Nana's house!

Easter decorations for Nana's dollhouse.

Spring break brought lots of playdates with friends.  Tess went to a movie with Danielle James, had her school friend Abby Robinson, and a stay late with Lindsay Watson.  Then spring break brought strep.   That was less fun.

Chalk drawings with a social conscience:  "Don't judge people's races.  'I have a dream.'  Martin Luther King Jr."
 Drew employing his easter basket so he can be a turtle.

 Super fun money cards from our Dipsy!

We used gel colors for the eggs this year and got some vibrant ones!

Easter morning, and the Easter Bunny went all out this year!  This Easter Bunny decided to hide the baskets this year, so we had to "hunt" for them.  Drew was leaping with joy everywhere he went.  Very fun and magical.

And the Easter Bunny brought cool scooters for both kids!  Major win!  Drew has been riding his scooter so much that he woke up with a major limp from over-scooter-leg usage.

Hunt at our house, and then a hunt at Nana's house too.

 The hunt at Nana's used mustaches.  In Drew's words:  "What these have to do with Easter?" 

The last day of Spring Break, we ventured down to the Richmond's children museum and had a total blast.  On the way down, our car signaled that we had a flat, so we had to detour to "Shorty's Garage," which let's just say is off the beaten path.  But we made it to Richmond even though it was a little late.  Good thing was that the museum was practically empty and we had the run of the place.  We stayed until it closed and didn't make it home until 9 pm.  But boy, was it fun!

Since it was a beautiful day I let the kids stay and ride scooters in front of the Science Museum.

Saturday both kids started soccer.  Drew was on cloud 9 and Tess liked it too, at least once it started.  Fitting, since she was awarded this at school:

Big news came on Sunday, when we headed to the library for the children's bookmark contest awards.  The library called to tell us that Tess was going to be honored for her entry, but we didn't know what she won.  There was a great presentation by Mary Quattlebaum, author of the children's book, Pirate vs. Pirate, which was the contest theme.  She lives in DC and talked about her writing process and even brought a copy of the notes she made when starting the book and a draft of the cover illustration.  Tess was enthralled.  

Then came time for the awards.  There were 10 semifinalists in each grade k-5, and each grade level had a winner.  So they start reading the names, but when it comes to first grade they go over all the names and SKIP Tessie!  She thought they forgot her and she was devastated!  I told her we'd figure it out, but we were all confused.  Then it dawned on us that maybe they skipped her because she was the Grand Prize winner. I told her to pull it together because she might have to go up as the winner.  And we were right!  400 entries K-5, and they picked hers as the Grand Prize winner!  Phew!  Too much drama for us! But Tessie did great.  She got a copy of the book with a sweet autograph by the author and we told her how Tess loves drawing and writing about mermaids.  We decided Pirate vs. Mermaid would make a great sequel!