Thursday, August 30, 2012

D.C. Date With Dad

TWO new posts for you!  Don't miss "Drew's Shoes" below!

So the kids have been real troopers through all the long house preparations.  Lots of "Mom is ignoring you, so you better find something to entertain yourself" time.  We all needed a day out of the house.  We were going to visit Nana & Papa, but Wendy is still having a tough time with her health.  Tess made this picture for Nana, in hopes that it would help her feel better.

We took advantage of the beautiful day and headed to D.C. for a picnic lunch with Dad.

The rest of these photos are by Tess, who wanted to capture some of the sculptures and paintings from our quick stop by the art gallery.  Her conclusion as to why there were so many paintings of Jesus being born:  "Because it's really special and important."

Drew's Shoes: A Montage

Drew is really good at putting himself in someone else's shoes.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Favorite Guys

Drew looked like a mini-Ryan at church today.  Love my two boys in blue.

And one with Tess because she was feeling left out.

Drew in his "cool shades."

Drew's been picking up new words and phrases.  He can basically mimic anything you say, if he's in the mood.  I get all melty when I hear him try to talk.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What We're Working Towards

Unexpected House Pleasures

Discovering the groundhog that lives in the wooded backyard area
Watching the kids make carpet angels
Finding bike trails that are going to be paved through the wooded area
Being majorly impressed the extensive warranties and after-sale service that come with the house
How fun it is to see the view of the adjacent pond peeking through the trees
Finding out that there is an association fitness center (though we're not sure what it includes)
Imagining how adorable my Halloween decorations will be in this house
Contemplating Christmas decorating
Thinking about having room for visitors
Hoping that with his own room, Drew may finally learn to sleep
Tearing up whenever I walk through the front door

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sneak Peek



Ryan's study to the right of entryway

Opening from study to family room

Dining room view

View from dining room.  You can see the pond peeking through the trees.

Adjacent property is a strip of trees that separates our street from the pond.  Not big enough to site homes, so there are only going to be houses on one side of the street.

Amazing kitchen!  I had to lie across the island.

Roll- out shelves in lots of the cabinets.

Stove (not gas like I'd thought).

Gorgeous tile backsplash.  Can you tell Tess is excited?  Lazy susan built in to corner cabinet.  Love the granite.

 Pantry to the left of the stove.

Morning room.  Lovely, lovely space.

View from morning room.

Doors off of morning room, which lead to nowhere. Meant to open up to deck.

Side yard view from morning room doors.

Neighbor's new fence next door.

Kids squealing in family room.

Lots of natural light.

Upstairs landing and hallway.

Kids enjoying the parents' room.

Front view in master is of trees.  This is the side view, where 2 other homes are to be built.

Love it.

Master closet #1, across from sinks in bathroom.

Even bigger closet #2, next to sinks (behind tub).

Love the tile inlay in kids' bath.  Pretty silvery, translucent green.

Basement bath.

Basement alcove with french doors.  Lots of light.

Huge garage.  Room for 2 cars plus storage.

Oh my heck!  Now that's a garage!

Garage with street view.  Pretty, n'est-ce pas?