Sunday, August 29, 2010

Idaho Homebodies

A handful more pics from our Idaho trip.  After our California adventure, we were pretty happy to stay close to home.  We spent a lot of time relaxing outside in the cool Idaho weather, while Tess performed death-defying dancing and acrobatic "tricks" on her slide and Lauren gave performance after anguish-filled performance as Snow White. ("I can't find my prince anywhere.  My dream is not coming true.)  "Elefun" had its moment in the sun, until Tess determined that the nets more more fun when worn as funny hats.  Raspberries and fresh peas in the garden were crowd-pleasers, and stomp rockets proved to be quality entertainment for all.  The hammock was in nearly constant use and Ry's hidden bubble-blowing talent found an appreciative audience.  "The Chariot" took Tess and Lauren on excursions to the carousel and park.  And of course, we tackled the annual mammoth bulletin board for Mom's library.

Happy times.

Cousins Camp Boat Race

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cousins Camp 2010

Dipsy and Papa's second annual Cousins Camp was a big success!  All year long Tess talked about last year's camp at the Wild, Wild Woods, so she was looking forward to this year's festivities.  And she was not disappointed--Dipsy and Papa packed the day full of kid-friendly nature activities.

First up were Nature Display boxes, which the kids got to decorate and fill with "treasures" from nature. Kenzie was excited to take her box home to fill with stuffed animals.

Next, they headed to the bridge where "Blueberry Kitty" (aka Papa with a cat hat) lives.  They went "fishing" over the side of the bridge for huckleberry-collecting pails.  Blueberry Kitty had decorated a special pail for each one the kids.

Once you have a blueberry pail, it's time for berry hunting!  Wild huckleberries were everywhere--ripe for the picking!

After the berries, it was time for some water fun:  racing boats under a log "bridge" and a vicious squirt gun fight  (Murdock family motto: "Show no mercy.")

Where there are Murdocks, there has to be FOOD!  The kids took on a painting project while we got the food ready, complete with campfire S'mores and fire-cooked scones with honey butter (Dad's got those to a delectable culinary science!).

'Till next time, Wild Woods!  See you in 2011!