Thursday, October 1, 2015

August-September 2015 Tidbits

Drew often asks thorny theological questions.  With a pouty lip and tearful emotion in his voice, he'll ask, "Why Jesus make X?" with X standing for an insect or animal that he does not like.  Here are a few of his questions (and my stabs at answers):
Drew: "Why Jesus make bees?"
Ryan: "So we can have honey."
Drew: "Why Jesus make scorpions?"
Ryan: "Eh, for snakes and lizards to eat?"
Drew: "Why Jesus make mosquitoes?" 
Ryan: "No idea."

Drew has been fascinated by volcanoes in recent weeks.  He brought home a drawing from church.  Asked what he had drawn, he answered, "A temple with lava coming out of it."

Drew was having trouble finding a certain toy tool.  He said, "Where's that sneaky screwdriver?"

Tess' response after coming out of surgery to have her tonsils removed: "At that place they're so unprofessional!!"
Miriam: "Why are they unprofessional?"
Tess: "Because they made my throat hurt so bad."

Tess noted Miriam's and my last-minute preparations for Sunday school.  She commented: "I'm lucky because I don't have a lesson to plan."

Drew: "Guess who's about to throw up?  Me!!"

Tess: "What if at the ward campout, they make me face all my greatest fears and sit on Santa's lap?  And then I remembered, 'Oh yeah, it's not Christmas.'"

Drew, in bed: "I need to get some rest 'cause I got hit in the head with some rocks on the playground."
Ryan: "Who hit you with rocks?"
Drew: "A girl." 
Ryan: "Why did she throw rocks at you?"
Drew: "'Cause she thought my Ninja Turtle jacket was real." 
Driving along on a gorgeous Labor Day morning, and Drew says, "What a beeeee-utiful day it is...on Minecraft!  Look at these beautiful clouds!"

Drew: "Mmm, Mom.  These 'tatoes taste like nothing!"

Drew: "Mom, can you make me a mask so no one will know who I am?"

Drew, after drinking from a bottle of chocolate milk: "I think it came from a bad cow."

After hearing that some cyclists were injured in the Tour of Utah bicycle race, Drew said, "The prize was band aids."

Learning that Davita and Kyle were getting married, Drew asked, "So we get a big family?"