Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 Tidbits

I was calling for Ryan outside with little luck, when Drew explained: "Da problem is you gotta call out 'Dad Higginbotham!'" Tess concurred: "He's kinda true, you know. Cuz if you just called for 'Dad!' lots of different people could answer."

Tess and I were talking about the day we went to the Viva! Vienna! festival five years ago. Drew asked, "Was I next to Jesus then?" I replied, "Yes, you were. Drew, what did you do in heaven with Jesus? Did you play football?" Drew's response: "No, we just talked about music and words." 

While eating dinner together as a family, we talked about patterns: girl, girl, boy, boy; big glass, big glass, small glass, small glass, etc. Pointing in succession to Miriam, Tess, and me, Drew chimed in, "Bad, bad, bad." He then pointed to himself: "Cool!" 

Drew, talking about a tummy ache: "I ate too much food. I need to go to the doctor and get something to block the food so I don't eat too much."

I asked Drew to explain why he had a froggy voice. He told me it was because he had "goopy stuff in my mouth." Ryan: "How did that goopy stuff get inside you? Did it come from your body?" Drew: "It might come from a yellow marker that I taste and it goes down in my mouth and it comes out of my nose. And I won't feel good and I need to go to the doctor and the doctor uses a tool and I get a toy. You need to go to a store to get something to fix your voice. Like a light to see the goopy stuff in my mouth."

Drew: "Mom, I love the flowers. I'm going to send them a card: 'Dear flowers, I love you! Love, Drew.'"

Miriam: "Drew, I sure love you!" Drew: "I love you too, Mom! When I grow up big, I'm going to marry you!"

I (Ryan) asked Drew to tell me when he does his growing. Drew's matter-of-fact reply: "I just eat some broccoli at bedtime and I grow at nighttime. That's how I do it."

Drew's been singing some original songs. Some lyrics: 

     "Apple on a mission, apple on a mission."
     "Bouncing bum, bum, bum, bum, bum bum! I'm a 
     bouncing bum!"

Drew's dinner prayer: "Please bless that Daddy will get home quickly and that Daddy will get home"--he looks out the window for a few seconds--"when the sky still looks like this."

Tess' response to the scene in "The Fox and the Hound" in which two foxes escape through a fire set inside a hole where the foxes are hiding: "That would never happen. That would be in the newspaper if that really happened."

Drew, after putting earrings on Miriam: "Now it looks like a real Mommy!"

Drew: "Going to my bed and going to sleep is my favorite thing to do." (Ha!)

One of Tess' friends was extolling the virtues of being the youngest in her family. I (Miriam) asked her to tell us something good about being the youngest. She replied: "Well, you get to live the longest. Everybody else dies before you."

Drew told me about going inside a "cave" next to the dinosaur exhibit at the Children's Museum in Richmond: "The dinosaur tunnel was a little bit spooky. It scared my eyes."

I read an "ABCs" book to Drew for bedtime. He grew visibly bored, sighed, and said, "Dad, this is getting old." 

Drew: "Dad, you's my friend and Mom too." Ryan: "What about Tess?" Drew: "Tess is almost my friend cuz sometimes she gets mad at me and sometimes she's nice to me."