Thursday, December 27, 2007

Checking Things Out

Dipsy Pics

Since Grandma Dipsy's camera is getting full, we decided we'd better do a picture dump to make room for more! Is this the most photographed baby ever, or what?

She handles the paparazzi action quite well--only occasionally does she cover her face with both hands in protest!

Silent Night?

After a wonderful Christmas with Ry's parents, we're finally back home again. These are some pics from Christmas and the previous night's Christmas Eve celebration.

After an incredible dinner, we opened party crackers , and we enjoyed paper crowns and small trinkets made in China. Mom threatened my life if I posted my pic of her playing her slide whistle. I'm likely in danger for posting Wendy and her skull and crossbones tattoo, but it really helped set the mood for the evening.

Wendy and Mom had a heated rivalry going on as they competed to see who could come up with the most spectacular presentation for the evening's Christmas Eve program. Wendy locked herself away in her room for hours in preparation while Mom hunted around town for needed props.

We knew things were getting little out of control when they started to boast about digging an orchestra pit and stringing high wires for the flying sugar plum fairies. I keep having to explain to Tess that she has crazy grandmas.

I have video from the evening, but Blogger is giving me trouble posting it, so I'll try again later.

Things were so nice and calm at their house, I was a little reluctant to return home to the chaos we'd left behind. But Mom was able to work her magic and help me get things organized and put away so it feels like home again. I've nearly recovered from my infection and I'm feeling much better now.

Little Tess is settling in well at home. We're keeping our fingers crossed, but we think she Tess has finally started to "flip" her schedule from sleeping ALL DAY and staying up ALL NIGHT to being awake more during the day and actually letting us get some sleep at night.

Last night she slept for 3 three-hour blocks, and she easily fell back asleep after each feeding. We were so happy we could cry!

Now that she's getting on a schedule, Tess is a very good-natured baby. She lets you know exactly what she wants and doesn't cry unless she needs something. She spends her awake time just looking around at everything. She's a curious and very dear little bug. We are so IN LOVE with her!

I'll keep trying to post video of her as well. Pics will have to suffice for now.

Here's a pic of Tess on her "biliblanket" for jaundice treatment. She looks like such a tiny little monkey with that tail. Boy, are we glad that's over and done with!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Catching Up

Sorry for the delay in pics for all of you who've been waiting. We're staying with Ry's parents for a bit, and they don't have software capabilities for my camera. I'll post what I can during my brief visit home.

It's been a very long week, but we're still alive to tel about it!
We are all doing well--baby especially! Ry's parents have been angels to care for us while I recover from an infection. My mom flew in on Thurs. night, which has also been a God-send!

Baby Tess had to go on a "biliblanket" for phototherapy to treat her jaundice. It's basically a paddle with a fiber optic light that stayed strapped to her back 24-7. She looked like a little firefly. Luckily, she only had to wear it for 2 nights before her jaundice levels went down.

Tess has been growing like a weed--she's starting to get chubby cheeks. I swear she got fatter while she slept last night. She's more alert and spends lots of time just looking around at everything. Her favorite toy is her hands. She has to have them constantly up by her face. She loves sucking on her fingers and occasionally pops in in single thumb.

There's been intense debate whether Tess looks more like Ry or me, but I was able to settle the debate by digging up some of Ry's baby pictures. The resemblance is pretty convincing--she's a Daddy's girl, sure enough.

Merry Christmas to you all! We love and miss you!

Monday, December 17, 2007

She's Here!

Monday, December 10, 2007

You Can Count the Days on One Hand!

Sorry if you tried before and couldn't see the pictures! No, your child-safe web filters weren't blocking my images (at least I hope not)! Hopefully, they'll work now.

This post contains graphic images that may not be suitable for children, or anyone who just finished eating breakfast.

Well, I'm finally in the loop about my own induction date! I'm so fed up with my Kaiser insurance, I could scream!

The doctor tells me at my appointment on Wed. that he will contact the hospital to schedule my induction, which would be around Dec. 14th.

And since I've learned to assume nothing (even that which would seem to be common sense), I asked him if he would notify me of the date once it is scheduled. He paused, considered it, and said, "Yeah, I guess we can do that." He told me that they'd let me know by Friday.

So I try and get some info out of them on Friday and hear nothing back. I call this morning, and since you can't directly call the doctor's office, I'm told by the Kaiser phone operator that it's still early and the doctors haven't yet checked their messages and I should hear something by the afternoon. Yeah, right.

So, I have to call the hospital directly to ask if my doctor has contacted them to schedule my induction. "For what date, ma'am?" I have no freaking clue! Yes, I'm supposed to be having a baby sometime this week, I'm just not sure when I should be there.

After some hunting around, the hospital operator finally confirms that I'm scheduled to be admitted to the hospital Thursday, Dec. 13th at 7 pm, for induction the following morning at 7 am (I stay over the night before so they can get me ready for the next morning).

So with any luck, Tess should be born Fri., Dec. 14th! Now let's just hope the doctor knows to show up!

I apologize in advance to anyone who loses their lunch, has their retinas burned, or can't sleep tonight because they viewed this image (however, I cannot be held liable, since you ignored the warning at the beginning of this post--it's called "assumption of risk").

This photo provides disturbing proof that I'm ready for this baby to be here! When I told people at church on Sunday that this would be the week, everyone acted so surprised it was happening so soon. When my bishop found out during tithing settlement, he practically fell out of his seat! I guess he still thought I had a couple months to go. "Do you people not see what I can see??!! I'm GI-NORMOUS!"

The embarrassing, tell-tale truth: Ry and I went out for ice cream at Dairy Queen this weekend, and I couldn't fit in the booth. That should be the rule-of-thumb test: When you can't fit in the Dairy Queen booth, it's time.