Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dads' Night at St. Matthews & Snowy Days

Friday, February 6, 2015

January 2015 Tidbits

After whispering his ideas for a "'prise" for Miriam's birthday (more than six months away), Drew loudly announced, "Mom, we're not talking about anything!  We're just talking about people."

Tess was examining her back molars coming through and she pulled off a little piece of her gum. The next morning she told me she checked under her pillow to see if the Tooth Fairy came. Her conclusion: "I guess we know now that she's only a Tooth Fairy and not a gum fairy."

Miriam (sampling some soup): "Mmmm. This soup is to die for."  Tess' response: "I don't want to die for soup."

Drew: "When I get bigger, I'm going to use sharp scissors. And I can have a dog and I won't be scared."

Drew's musing about the upcoming St. Patrick's Day: "I'm going to get on my motorcycle and go faster and catch the leprechaun. They like to take money and metal. They don't like to take heavy things like our kitchen. Him comes out at night. Him not gonna get my money. I'm not going to let him have any of my stuff. We need to make a trap so he can't get our metal." 

Drew placed his hands on his neck and then cleared his throat: "I trying to get my laughs out. Heh, heh, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

This morning I heard Tess yelling in her room. She came in and asked if I could tell what she was screaming about. When I said no, she explained: "I was calling '9-1-1' to see if the police would come."

Drew's expanding vocabulary: "Tess kinda been frusterating.  She want to hold this box [of cookies] all the time!"

While using wooden blocks to create a gymnastics facility, Tess named her wooden gymnastics student "Jessie Hotn'bagel" (her spelling). She later said, "When I grow up, I'll be Mrs. Hotn'bagel. My children will be John Hotn'bagel, Josie Hotn'bagel, and Josephina Hotn'bagel."

Tess, holding up a train set bridge with a store sticker on the bottom: "I know how Santa does it. He sneaks into Ikea and picks up toys there." 

Tess: "Sometimes when I want to go to sleep, I talk to my mirror. It makes me feel sleepy. 'Hello, how are you? I haven't been doing anything.'"

Drew (after helping me cook something): "Dad, cooking is hard work!" 

Drew attends preschool at a Lutheran church, which has a large cross outside the back entrance that we drive past for carpool. One day I was talking to Drew about Jesus Christ and how he died for us. Drew chimed in: "I already know that, Mom. Remember how Jesus died at the back of my school? I already saw that he died there."

Tess got second place in her class spelling bee. We practiced with her quite a bit, and I focused on the more difficult words. Rather unfortunately, she got out on the word "lice." I told her that was a pretty creepy word to misspell! She reassured me that it was ok: "Mom, when grow up and I'm a doctor I will probably see lice and I'm going to need to know how to spell it when I write it on my reports. So it's probably a word I'm going to need to spell correctly."

We were driving behind a school bus, getting a big whiff of its exhaust, when Drew asked what he was smelling. Tess' response: "Does it smell like chapped lips? Cuz my lips are really chapped?"

Drew's response to the early-morning snow: "I can't believ-ah my eyes!" 

Tess introducing her new American Girl doll (Caroline, from 1812) to another doll (named Tess):
Tess doll: "Hi, I'm Tess and I'm 3 years old."
Caroline doll: "Hi, I'm Caroline! I'm 203 years old!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Drew's Preschool Days: Joy School & St. Matthew's

Some pics of Drew with his Joy School friends and a bunch from this year at St. Matthew's. His St. Matthew's teachers Mrs. Occhiuzio and Mrs. Blennar take photos every week of their busy happenings. As you can see, it's a creative place with much to explore,  and so many fun ideas and experiences.