Monday, May 21, 2012

Three Days Short of Eighteen Months

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring 2012 Photo Shoot

I finally managed to take some photos of the kids in their Easter outfits this year.  I fell in love with these outfits.  It dawned on me that they are the same color as the kids' bedroom.  I must really have a thing for that color!  I love my little sparklers in them, so photos were in order.

I decided to try taking the photos myself, since the shots I get from the studio are always terrified half-smiles.  Mission impossible:  two kids, looking at the same place, with not-miserable faces, at the same time.  I took the kids to one of our favorite little spots in Occoquan and hoped for good lighting.  

I could only get a smile out of Drew if I tickled his leg mercilessly or if I let him do what he really wanted to do, which was climb up  and look out the gazebo.  So we went with it.  I took LOTS of really bad shots and got a few cute ones, thanks to passers-by who stopped to help get the kids' attention and make them smile.  Of course, all of this couldn't be accomplished without Drew falling off the gazebo bench backwards and hitting his head on the ground at least once.   To the horror of the passers-by.  "Mommy-of-the-year award goes to...."