Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trash Talkin'

I don't know why I can't have a normal, supportive family that doesn't have to turn everything into a contest. But I don't--so I'm officially announcing the Bliss Complete Biggest Loser Competition!

Here's how it goes: each contestant puts $15 in the pot and starts losing weight! I'll post weekly weigh-in results every Monday, based on percentage of body weight lost. Whoever has the greatest total percentage of body weight lost by October 1, 2009 wins the pot and some serious bragging rights!

So far my brother-in-law Brian and my mom (Dipsy) have signed up. I'm not sure they know what they've gotten themselves into. After having already lost 42 lbs., I'm an old pro at this! Come October, I'll feel sort of guilty taking their money from them--kind of like taking candy from a baby. But if they want to challenge me, I say GAME ON!

I know most of my readers are already sickeningly svelte, but if anyone else wants in on the action, you're welcome to join! I'd be happy to take your money, too!


Mary Lou said...

Oooo -- such confidence! I'll have you know that not only did my hubby exercise today -- he also had soup and an apple for lunch, and refrained from eating anything after dinner. That's my boy! Watch out, missy. We're cheap and don't part with our $ easily (the $15 contest money, not the $10,000 rent I owe you (that's going to be really ugly with interest).

Ryan and Miriam said...

Just finished a 4 mile run--BRING IT!

Notice how well Meredith can talk the talk when it's not her walking the walk!

Way to go Brian--but you're still going down!


Ryan and Miriam said...

I just got word that Dipsy is warding off all sugar this week. Now this is getting serious!

Maureen said...

No fair, you guys are getting a head start! Unless... I count my weight right now! Oh ho, I plan on losing around 7 pounds within the next week!

So what do you think, how should we work this thang?

And I can't believe you've lost 42 pounds. That is some serious baggage. I am SO IMPRESSED, way to go!!!

Mary Lou said...

4 miles? Child's play, my dear. Brian is taking the rest of the semester off school to train for the Salt Lake City Marathon (we'll use the reward $ to pay off his debt).

Mary Lou said...

The way I see it, you've lost all your weight before the contest has even begun.

Two other advantages I see that I have. One is motivation....I start in clinics this summer, and it will be pretty embarrassing for me to be telling patients that they need to lose weight if I can't fit in the door to do it. Shame should be a great motivator for me.

Second, you said something about taking candy from babies, well, if you're going to be taking candy from me, it will help me a lot. That, and I'm sure I'll be running into plenty of plastic surgeons during surgery rotation, I'll talk them into a little Lipo perhaps???

And the marathon thing??? Well that's not true in the least....I can make it a mile and a half before I'm and exhausted, sweaty pig...but.....

Did you really need all those measurements that Meredith made me take, or was she just trying to humiliate me??

Alright...good luck everyone.


Ryan and Miriam said...

Don't get too comfortable, Bri. When it comes to weight loss, I'm like Elijah's miracle of the never-ending oil jar. Or maybe I'm more like an Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Bowl. Point is--I have much more to give! (Are you getting hungry? Ha, ha! The power of subliminal messages!)

The measurements are just for you--I don't need them. It will just help you see your progress 6 mos. from now.