Friday, April 17, 2009

Moseying Along

Not a whole lot going on here. I'm just excited that it's Friday and it's supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend! Finally! Saturday--high of 80 degrees! I think we may take on yard work and plant some flowers.

It's nice today so I let Tess out with her walker. She won't move anywhere with it. She only walks when firmly attached to my fingers, so some afternoon finger walks are likely in store for us.

I picked up Tess' Easter photos yesterday. They're pretty cute, considering how stonefaced she becomes during studio photo shoots. I love that dress on her and I love her sweet little piggies sticking out the bottom. Her toes and her fingers are always moving--I love how you can see her curling toes in the picture.

This video is pretty random, but Tess was being so goofy at dinner the other night. She eats the same stuff for dinner that we do, but she was reaching for something on my plate. When I finally handed my plate over to her, she swiped an enormous piece of cauliflower and consumed it with gusto.

She kept making all these silly faces, rolling her eyes back in her head like she was in heaven. I guess she doesn't like it when I cut her food up for her anymore. This video is three gigantic pieces of cauliflower and a helping of peas later, so the veggie glut had slowed down a little. I have to make extra veggies for dinner now, or else I don't get any!


Ryan and Miriam said...

If Tess would start walking using the push mower, our lawn care needs would disappear.


Mary Lou said...

Adorable. Cutest studio shot. Convinced me to set up a photo appointment for tonight. I wish I could get as excited about vegetables as Tessabell.

Maureen said...

My kids will only eat corn. Sometimes K will dissect her green beans and eat the seeds inside.

Tess' video made my day. She's making me crave a big helping of cauliflower!

The studio shoot turned out beautifully. I love that you went with bare feet. Her toes are begging to be tickled!

Leslie said...

LOVE the pictures!