Monday, June 1, 2009

Tess' Topknot

Tess wore her first pigtail to church yesterday, and she managed to keep it in the whole time. Or rather, she was unsuccessful at trying to get it out (I wrapped that topknot tightly!)

Nana was itchin' to see Topknot Tess, so her she is (with post-nap hair).

And a few more random pictures. Tess has figured out what my iPod is for. Just trying to keep Apple in business for Uncle Ryan.

Tess has become quite the artist these days. I've bought her markers and crayons to nurture her artistic side, but her preferred medium by far is pen. We're hoping she inherited some of the artistic genes shared by her cousins Brookie and Kenzie!

I forgot that she also likes to dabble in paint--toenail polish, to be precise. She watched me paint my toes last Sunday before church, and she kept trying to take her shoes off so she could get to her own toes. So after church we had a pedicure party, which ended when she decided it would be fun to lick the brush.

And a few fun pics of some heirlooms we inherited from Ryan's grandmother. She loved beautiful things, and I think it's wonderful that we can remember her by displaying and using a few of them.

This is a lovely mid-century dessert service set by Royal Albert in pattern #2234, Laurentian Snowdrop with Malvern style cups.

And a large set of crystal stemware that goes beautifully with my wedding china. The crystal is very similar to Wendy's set. It is Galway Irish crystal in the Ashford pattern with a plain base (Wendy's has a cut base).

And a pic of my wedding china--just because I love it. It's actually handpainted German porcelain made by Nymphenburg. The plates and saucers are 12-sided and rimmed with blue beading, known as a "pearl" design. The floral motif on each of the pieces is unique--no two designs are the same. It's an exquisite set that's one of my true treasures.


Nana and Papa said...

Thanks for my Tess "fix"--loved it!

Maureen said...

Love the hairdo Tess. It is so sad that a one-year-old is rocking out to an I Pod and I still only own a CD player.

What's up with the dishes? Very pretty.