Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homemaking Hula

One Enrichment meeting down. . .who knows how many to go! We had a Luau/Talent Night. We had pretty good attendance (considering the tropical storm that blew through last night) and great participation by our sisters.

Caroline headed up the decorations and she did a wonderful job! I love the octopus centerpieces and "fishing net" display was genius!

Sisters brought displays of their talents to share--we had everything from woodworking, to sewing, to salsa making!

Rebecca & Christan treated us all to super-yummy sweet pulled pork wraps a la Cafe Rio. They were a big hit. Then we had a few talent performances, learned to hula and wrapped the night up with pina coladas.

I would be glad that it's over, if we didn't have another one to plan for next month!