Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nursery Time

It's hard to believe that Tess will be 18 months old next Sunday. From very early on, people have asked me if I was excited for Tess to go into Nursery. I remember almost taking offense at the first inquiry; snuggling my little bundle closer to make sure she wasn't going ANYWHERE!

But we're older and wiser, and we've been on Nursery countdown for a number of months now. We're lucky to get her past the sacrament portion of Sacrament Meeting, and we spend the rest of the 3 hours wearing out the hall carpets and splashing in the water fountain.

To help get her ready, Ry & I have gone into Nursery with her the past few weeks. It's almost comical to watch her sit in a tiny chair with the rest of the "big" kids. She's just a baby, after all!

She loves play time, and she does pretty well with art and snack time (as long as they have goldfish and not cookies, raisins, or sugar wafers). She's not a big fan of lesson time--she'd much rather walk around the room or play with toys than sit and listen to a story. She expresses her disapproval with loud shrieks.

Tess' favorite time comes at the end of Nursery, when they turn on the bubble machine and the kids form a mosh pit trying to pop the bubbles (Ry has to hold her hand tight so she stays on her feet. It's every baby for herself in there!). "Bubble" is her new favorite word.

I asked Ry how he thought she'd do by herself in Nursery next week, and he gave me a pretty skeptical look.

How will Ry & I do with Tess going into Nursery? I'm a little skeptical myself . Two hours is a long time to be without the Shnug.

At least Tess isn't the one shrieking in this video.
(I think it's Daniel, Caroline!) It probably will be her next week.


Dipsy said...

Good luck...Mir & Ry! Tess will do fine! She's going to have the time of her life. Love, Dipsy

Maureen said...

She is SO cute!! Sorry to say, but she looks pretty grown up to me :)