Monday, October 27, 2008

Tricks and Treats

So much for my great hopes for the exersaucer.
This is how she gets the most enjoyment out of it these days.

Tess loves to steal food off of Dad's plate.
For some reason, she never seems to go for my food.
Although, she has developed a taste for Ak-mak crackers.

On Sunday, we dressed Tessie up as the "Lake Ridge First Ward Halloween Spook"
and took treats to some friends in the ward. I know she looks like a tiger,
but don't be fooled. Tigers and Halloween Spooks look a lot alike.


Dipsy said...

So that's how Ryan stays so slim and trim!

Ryan and Miriam said...

The snug sucked the salt from each pretzel. When she was done, she grabbed another pretzel.


Nana and Papa said...

Sucking the salt must be genetic. I used to eat the "brickles" out of your dad's butter-brickle ice cream. Of course, that was *before* we got married and he still thought it was cute. . .haha.

xo Mom

Maureen said...

I'd guess she doesn't want the food off your plate because the food on your plate is GROSS. Get that kid some real munchies!

I do think they're very cute, sharing a morning snack.

Tess does the best impression of a "Halloween Spook" that I've ever seen!

Thanks for the post!

Laura & Family said...

Happy Halloween little tiger Tess.