Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Duds

New duds from her Dip!

This baby is a little bit spoiled!


Ann said...

Tessie looks go grown up! I am soooo excited to see her!!! Two more weeks! I love that you and Nana are working out and chopping together! I would have loved to have someone to do that with! We will have to all workout together when I am home!

Dipsy said...

I've been gone only two weeks, and now she's pulling up to standing? Get that mattress lowered NOW! I thought the outfit was cute when I got it, but that's nothing compared to how cute she is! Dad loves the 2nd picture, and I LOVE the third picture. I miss her SO MUCH! Love, Dipsy

Ryan & Miriam said...

No, Mom, Tessie didn't pull herself up to the window. I put her up so she could see outside and I couldn't resist the pics.

I guess it kind of ruins the moment to tell you that after the pics she fell over and bonked her head on the corner cabinet, huh? These pics are Tessie pre-head injury.

I have lowered the crib. Only one head injury per week. That's my rule!


Dipsy said...

Does she like watching signing time? I would think she would get really into it. Love, Dipsy

Maureen said...

Awww! Did the shoes come with the outfit? She is so put together!