Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Down in the Dumps Without Our Dip!

Dipsy took off yesterday, and we're missing her greatly! She was here for a week, but it went by SO fast! I get to see her on Friday for my brother Ryan's wedding, but it's just fun to have her HERE!

We were able to cross off all the things on our "To Do" list, except for one thing: find mom a long- sleeved black shrug for a cute dress that she wants to be able to wear in the winter.

We looked all over town for a shrug, ANY shrug! Wow, I guess shrugs are currently the leprosy of the fashion world. They clearly have been shunned from any retail outlet in a 25 mile radius. It wasn't for lack of trying, but we weren't able to check that one off our list.

Things we did get to cross off our list:
  • Teach Tess to sit up (that was easy enough!)
  • Buy bins, sort & store away all of Tess's newborn clothes. (What a chore! But so nice to get her room back under control--I was swimming in her clothes!)
  • Pick out and install hardware for my kitchen cabinets.
  • Visit Wegman's (my new favorite grocery store)
  • Shop for wedding outfit & shoes for me
  • Raid the JC Penny outlet (my mom's favorite!)
  • Check out local gym costs & child care
  • Get our hair done

My new cabinet knobs & pulls

In addition to all that, Mom was a good sport and ate what was on my meal plan for the week. We exercised every day (Mom even came to my exercise class), and we did a whole lot of cooking (instead of a whole lot of eating out--what we usually do!). Mom was even brave enough to try Chocolate Soy Milk (I think we have a believer!). She lost 1 1/2 lbs. and I'm down a few more too! Woo hoo!

Bundled up for a brisk walk on a brisk day!

On Sunday, Wendy & Keith invited us over to watch Conference in their fabulous, warm and comfortable new refinished basement. They've been through quite the ordeal living through months of remodeling, but their new kitchen, basement and bathrooms are GORGEOUS! Tess & Ry are going to stay over there while I'm out in LA for the wedding. They should have a great time!

Getting in some Papa love.

And a couple pics that Dipsy took.

These pics are from lunch today. I was out running errands and had to do a Subway stop. I tried Tess in a restaurant high chair for the first time, and boy was she in heaven! She thought she was hot stuff! She kept banging on the table, laughing and giving cheesy grins to anyone who would look her way. She loves that kind of attention!


Laura & Family said...

Did you paint your cabinets white?? I love the new hardware. I was hoping the pic of Tessie and Papa was taken in the basement or the kitchen. I am DYING to see the finished project. Have Ryan take pics while you are gone.

Maureen said...

Your kitchen is absolutely charming! Love it!