Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chop & Bop

Tess and I had such a fun day at Nana and Papa's house yesterday. Tess went over for some good grandparent time and I went over to "chop & bop" with Wendy!

This nutrition plan Wendy and I are on requires an inordinate amount of vegetable chopping throughout the week. I hauled over all my veggies for the week and we chopped away in her beautiful new kitchen. If you have to chop bushels of peppers, onions and carrots, now that's the way to do it!

After dicing up a week's worth of veggies, we put Tess down for a nap and headed to downstairs to their new gym for our "bopping" session. Now, if you have to exercise, that's the way to do it! We pushed each other through a good workout (Wendy's a fierce competitor!). That afternoon we picked out French art for her house and Tess got in her grandparent time. We had such a good time, we may do it more regularly.

These pics are from this past weekend. Tess is starting to pull up on things more. She's usually pulled herself up on her crib when I get her in the morning. Using this skill, she's found access to many things she's not supposed to have. Her favorite--don't ask me why--it's SO GROSS--is her nose bulb (that little squeegee thing you use to suction all the goobers from a baby's nose). She adores sucking on it whenever she can get her hands on it. Yeah, pretty gross.

Here's Tessie enjoying a weekend of spaghetti, ice cream and football with Dad. Now who does that remind you of?

On Sunday, Tess wore her early birthday gift from Nana & Papa. It's size 12 mos. and supposed to be for her first birthday, but it already fits her like a glove! The little ballerina got so many compliments, including "She's sheer perfection!" I couldn't agree more!


Laura & Family said...

She has changed sooo much!! I can't wait to see the prima ballerina.

Ryan & Miriam said...

I love the lil snug.


Maureen said...

Oh, what a cheery sight she is! But she is MUCH too big for that crib mattress, you need to lower that thing before she does a somersault (I'd give her a perfect 10).

Glad to see she's more of her chipper self. She's too adorable!!

Ryan & Miriam said...

Yeah, I know I need to lower the mattress. She's never pushed up on her feet yet, but you're right--I need to lower it before she does!


Natalie said...

It has been WAY too long since I've checked out your blog. I cannot believe how big Tess has gotten. Wow. She IS "sheer perfection." I want to come up for a visit to Lake Ridge. Do you know what Sunday the Primary program is scheduled for if they haven't already done it? That would be fun. Miss you.

I've been thinking about you the last couple of months 'cause my sis has been doing in-vitro. She had one unsuccessful round and is now 7 weeks preggo with twins! Crazy. (By the way, I'm 13 weeks along, with just one, thank goodness!)

Ryan & Miriam said...


Congrats to your sis and even bigger congrats to YOU! How fun to think there's another Kewish in the works!

Our Primary Program is Nov. 9th. They were handing out parts for the program last week, and I must say I don't miss THAT part of Primary. My sis-in-law is visiting that weekend, so we'll probably only make it to sacrament that day. But it would be so fun to see you guys! Oh yeah--our sacrament mtg now starts at 9:00 am.


Nana and Papa said...

What a powerful baby is Tess! Just the sight of her peering over her crib turns her "Nana" into a pile of goo on the floor.
I've been giving some more thought(lack of valid intellectual pursuits, obviously) to the name for our mornings of chopping veggies and running on the treadmill. Not, of course, that Chop and Bop isn't wonderful. How about "Cut and Run"?

xxoo Nana

Ryan & Miriam said...

That's pretty good, Wendy! A few other contenders:

"Cleave & Heave"

"Whack & Hack"

"Mince & Sprints"


Nana and Papa said...

Okay, I'm on a fierce roll now! More names, more names:
--hew and whew
--shear and rear
--slash and dash
--clip and clop
--crop and clop
--chip and dip
--collop and gallop
--splint and sprint
--lop and lope
--split and sprint
--splits and splits
--incise and exercise
--rend and bend
--mince and meet

Okay. I'm done now. Evil laughter.

xxoo Nana

Ryan & Miriam said...

Did I mention that Wendy is competitive?

Those were FABULOUS, Wendy! I'm laughing so hard right now!