Friday, October 3, 2008

Baby Bootcamp With Drill Sergeant Dipsy

Dipsy is here again for her annual Spud Harvest visit!

Dipsy comes this same week every year, and it's funny how all the same events reoccur during her visit year after year:
  • General Conference (so she has never once been to our ward);
  • car inspection for tried and not-always-true Toyota (I just typed "tired-and-true"--Freudian slip);
  • the DC Book Festival;
  • shopping for presents for the same people that have fall birthdays; and
  • cool autumn weather that makes for nice walks outside.
We LOVE having her here and we always look forward to this time of year!

One new item on our to-do list this year: get Tess to sit up. Well, I'm pleased to report that after a single day of Baby Bootcamp with Dipsy, Tess has achieved success!

Look ma, no hands!

I think Tess was just saving up that trick so she could hear a big "TA-DA" from her Dipsy. Dipsy is always an appreciative audience!

My big girl!

I'm so proud of her, but this growing up stuff is hard. I kept urging her on, "Come on, Tessie, you can do it! You can sit up!" And the first time she did it, I just thought, "My baby! Oh, I just don't want her to sit up!"

Ashes, ashes...

Since she was able to pick up sitting skills so quickly, she decided to follow in Fuzz's footsteps (or maybe crawling skid marks?) and work on the stairs. She hasn't made it up a stair yet, but she did some good work on pulling herself up.

And--this is SO GROSS--she seemed to find renewed strength from an unlikely source:
licking the carpet! Oh, she was totally grossing me out!

Carpet-Lickin' Good!


Ann said...

What did your mom do????

We are going to have to call Tessie Fuzzers now too because if she keeps licking the carpet, she is going to have a fuzz ball in her mouth!

Mish said...

She is getting so big! What a delight!

Laura & Family said...

She is a mini Ryan. What do you put on your carpet to make it taste so good? hee hee. She'll be climbing the stairs before you know it; give it a week and she will be up the stairs!! Fun times.

Maureen said...

ONE DAY of bootcamp and she's a sitting champ?! Why don't you have Dipsy teach her to play tennis while you're at it?

When she's vertical, her legs look so very dainty... it's hard to believe they'll ever hold her up!

Rugby likes to lick the carpet too. Coincidence?