Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hairy Holidays

We've been gearing up for some holiday cheer around here. Our Thanksgiving with Nana & Papa was wonderful. We ate real potatoes (not the "surprise" kind) and pie--yes, PIE! It was heavenly. We were so excited to eat, I didn't even think of taking any pictures.

I did get a couple pics of Tessie enjoying her first Thanksgiving meal (she ate later because she napped through our meal--again, heavenly!). As you can see, she enjoyed herself as well.

Ry took some time off last week and it's been so nice for our little family to spend time together. And it's also nice to spend time by myself! I really wasn't planning on going shopping on Black Friday, but then I realized if I went, I could go ALONE (Ry home w/the baby)! True, there would be thousands of other shoppers elbowing me left and right, but mentally, I'd be ALONE!

So I went out and bought a Christmas tree! Our old tree is so squat and fat and takes up way too much room in our already-too-small living room. So I got a tall, skinny one that fits neatly in the corner.

Things were so crazy that we never put up our tree last year, so I was excited to get out all of our ornaments again. Since we were first married (right after Christmas!), we have picked out one special ornament each year. By now, we have quite the collection and it was fun to go through them again and remember all the years we've had together.

Of course, all of those ornaments are hung on the top half of the tree. Tess was excited when we were putting it up (she kept letting out these nervous little laughs, like we really shouldn't be doing this), but she's been pretty good at leaving it alone. I still have to put a few finishing touches on the tree, and then I'll post a pic of the final product.

Tess has been working on good grooming lately. As you well know, she doesn't have much hair to speak of, so I've never spent much time brushing her hair.

I thought it was funny when she picked up this brush and started "brushing" her hair. I don't know how she knows what to do with a brush. She picked it up somehow.

Her hair is getting a little longer--at least it is in the back and a little on the top. But it's still rubbed short on the crown of her head and it's sparse on the sides. With some distraction by Dad, I was able to wrangle some pigtails on the back of her head. They didn't last long, but awwww, my Shnuggy! I can't wait for her to grow some more hair!

What Tessie may find in her stocking this year:


Dipsy said...

awww she is so cute. I cant wait to see you guys on New Years! -Miranda

Ryan said...

Babies are boring compared to kittens! Miranda and I think we might be financially ready to have a kitten together in a few years.

Dipsy said...

I love the pigtails! I remember the first time you had pigtails (with probably less hair than Tess has). i cried, because I thought you were growing up so fast! Thanks for the pics. Love, Dipsy

Ryan and Miriam said...

"Miranda and I think we might be financially ready to have a kitten together in a few years."

Ry, has anyone had the birds-and-the-bees discussion with you? That's just not the way it works.

Babies boring? I'd like to see you put pigtails on a cat!


Maureen said...

That's some mighty fine hair-wranglin'. I liked the part about her nervous little giggles. Mom and Dad are so crazy, sticking a tree inside the house!

It's Tessabelle's birthday month! Yay!

Ann said...

I love Tess!!!! I had to look twice at those pigtails and make sure I was seeing right! That is so cute! So glad you enjoyed your real potatoes and pie. Now back to the "surprise" for you and Nana! :)

Dipsy said...

Where's the Christmas decorations update? Inquiring minds want to know!

Laura & Family said...

This totally reminds me of a time when my friend was telling her 3 year old that one reason people get married is so they can have kids. Her 3 year old then said, "Some people get married so they can have cats." I guess your bro falls into that category :) Tell them to prepare to be attacked to death as they put pig tails on the cat. I think I gave Ryan a chia pet one year for Xmas. Can't wait to see you guys.