Thursday, November 26, 2009


We have so much to be thankful for in our lives. We are grateful to live close to Nana & Papa so we can spend special days with them.

Thanksgiving got off to a start with a little holiday decorating. No, we weren't decking the halls or putting up the Christmas tree. Instead, Tess had a great time decorating her dollhouse with Nana for Christmas.

Wendy had a pretty grand time herself ("How many years have I been waiting to do this?!").

Tess also enjoyed watching the Doggy Show with Dad & Papa (you know the football is bad when they watch Westminster on Thanksgiving).

We whipped up a scrumptious dinner that we couldn't help but rave about. A few culinary T-day tips from the Wendy & Miriam show:
  • Williams-Sonoma turkey brine=yummo turkey & gravy
  • For a delicious pumpkin pie topping, add 1/2 tsp almond extract + few tsp sugar to whipping cream
  • Do not multitask while your sweet potatoes are under the broiler (won't tell you how I learned that one)

We are also thankful that Wendy let us use her camera for a few Tessie pics. Tess is getting to be such a big girl. Her molars have finally started to come in and her hair is getting long (I had to trim her bangs this week). She's looking so grown up to me these days.

Tessie still doesn't "do" naps away from home, even though she was tired and a bit onery. ("Come on, Mom, I'm almost 2. It's my prerogative to be onery.")

But she made up for it with some Papa snuggles. This girl sure loves her Nana & Papa. I think it's because she knows how much they love her!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family! We miss & love you all. We are so thankful for YOU!


East Coast Jenny said...

Look at her eyes!!! She's a beautiful girl.

Mary Lou said...

She's a little Goldilocks! I want that hair!

Ann said...

Those pictures of Tess and Papa are priceless!!!! I think I must have just said "that is sooo cute" outloud like four times!

Dipsy said...

How did you get these pictures? Did you get a new camera? The pictures are so cute, and I miss Tess so much!

Dipsy said...

I love your Christmas sidebars!

Maureen said...

She has grown so much just since you broke your camera. She is GORGEOUS. Remember how long it took for that hair to grow? It was so worth the wait!! And decorating the dollhouse is the sweetest tradition ever. Great idea.