Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hidden Pond Park

We took a field trip today with a few friends to Hidden Pond Park. It's a small nature preserve with a fun, hands-on nature center. Tess loved seeing the fish, turtles, snakes and frogs. For the record, turtles are her favorite.

They even had little binoculars for kid-sized bird watching.

It was a golden autumn day at the pond. Tess particularly enjoyed running back and forth over the bridges.

Tess running with her funny friend, Cade.
We rode up together and they made each other laugh the whole way!
They like to hold hands when they walk together.

And with all those kids, only one fell in the pond (nope, it wasn't Tess). Come on, those are pretty good odds!


Dipsy said...

Wish I had been there to spend the fun day with you. I love Tess's new sweater. Love, Dipsy

Mary Lou said...

I love Tessie's curly locks. I miss Virgina Autumns.

Maureen said...

You actually have stuff to do in your town... I'm jealous :(