Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Short post because I have a splitting headache.
  • And I'm really tired.
  • Ordered my new camera today. After all the HOURS I've spent reading camera reviews, it's no wonder I have a headache. Cross your fingers it turns out great!
  • I attempted to design my own Christmas cards this year. Not my best idea ever.
  • Went back to the gym today after being sick for a week-and-a-half. Out of shape and feeling it. Gasp, gasp.
  • This weekend we took Tess down to Occoquan to see Santa arrive by boat! It was fun to be part of the crowd on the dock looking for Santa's boat to arrive. Now, whenever Tess sees a Santa, she says, "Boat, boat!"
  • We had a short Christmas FHE last night and introduced Tess to the Nativity set. She loves playing with baby Jesus, but she refuses to put him in his manger bed. She'll run and hide the bed so he doesn't have to sleep in it.
  • That's all I can muster tonight.
  • Going to bed early.


Dipsy said...

Thanks for the muster! Sorry about your headache.

Maureen said...

Love your blog background, it's very "deer." Tee hee. We missed you in Catan last night. We had to play with someone named Snake Eyes.

Ryan and Miriam said...

Sorry about last night, Reen. I konked out right after this post.