Monday, May 11, 2009

A Very Happy Mother's Day

It was a beautiful Mother's Day today. After days and days of rain, we had one of the most gorgeous spring days I've ever seen. Unfortunately, Tessie was feeling pretty lousy this morning. She had a hacking cough that kept waking her up all night and she's been running a slight fever. So I did what any good mom would do and abandoned her at home with dad and went to church by myself. Can't miss out on Mother's Day, after all!

Church was wonderful--I've come to realize and appreciate how much I love my ward family. The Primary kids sang, the Priesthood even sang, and we got roses AND chocolates! In Relief Society, we had what amounted to a Mother's Day party with lots of friends (Priesthood took over for Primary and YW so everyone could be there), refreshments, music and a fabulous lesson on the power of mothering.

After church, Wendy and Keith came over for an afternoon of gluttony: crab cakes, roasted carrots & asparagus. For dessert: chocolate mousse cake with cream & strawberries. I ate way too much and thoroughly enjoyed every bite! It was the first time we've used the vintage silverware that Wendy & I found in an antique store. It is the same pattern as the set Wendy's mother used when Wendy was growing up. It is a beautiful, delicate set and it brought the spirit of another sweet mother to the day.

We opened presents--Ryan gave me a beautiful sapphire bracelet. It was a total surprise! Wendy gave me a new read, Sonata for Miriam. Tess even gave me a small surprise--she took a couple wobbly steps that Keith is convinced constitute "walking." The rest of us aren't convinced. Wendy cashed in too--she has enough French novels to keep her busy for a while.

I'm so grateful for my mom--I couldn't ask for a better one! I rely on her example and the things she's taught me everyday as a mom to Tess.

Mom, I know how much you like songs, so we've been trying to get Tessie's songs on video for weeks now. We usually do these songs in the car while waiting for red lights. She gets very excited and sings and does the hand motions along with me. But she gets distracted by the camera when we try to film her. Here's the best version of the "Spider Song" we've been able to get on video:


Maureen said...

I love the video-- what a cute little sprite!

You're lookin' GOOD, sistah!

Love the bracelet-- Ryan has good taste!

The silverware is beautiful. What a find.

Nana and Papa said...

And a very fine Mother's Day it was indeed, in large part thanks to Miriam and Ryan! Miriam outdid herself with her fabulous crab cakes. And, the dessert was decadent. Yup, we all went off the diet, but it was absolutely worth the terrible sin. Add in the perfect weather, and the day was perfect. Thanks!

xxoo Wendy