Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stop and Smell the Tulips

Well, the swelling in my eyes has started go down, and I only break into tears a few times a day instead of hourly now. We had a spinning class this morning that was a blast (thanks, Rebecca!) and helped relieve a lot of stress.

I know some of you are missing your Tessie pics, so I thought I'd better do a post of what's been going on around here.

To start, blueberries are my nemesis. They really are my arch-enemy--I don't know why they have it out for me (remember the Blueberry-Breastfeeding Fiasco of 2007?). It's only an issue because I LOVE blueberries. I eat them every day. They may be my favorite healthy food--but I'd have to think about that. I always keep my freezer stocked with a huge gallon-size bag of frozen blueberries. A couple days ago, I thought it was sealed (you know, yellow & blue make green), but it wasn't. Blueberries everywhere! What a mess.

Moving on to other events, Ry and I had a date last weekend. A real date! Nana & Papa watched Tess for us and we went to dinner at Bazin's and took in a comedy act in D.C. at the Warner Theater.

Ryan and I love to watch Brian Regan's stand-up specials on Comedy Central. He is a really funny comic and his act is totally clean--no profanity, nothing lewd--just really funny. For some reason he always seems to come on late at night when we're tired and kind of giddy anyway. By the end of the show, Ry is usually on the floor writhing in hysterics. Brian Regan is pretty funny, but watching Ryan double over in pain from laughing so hard is a riot!

So, when Ryan saw Brian Regan was coming to D.C., he snagged us two tickets and we had so much fun! We laughed our guts out, and I think I saw tears in Ryan's eyes towards the end.

Here's a snippet from one of Brian Regan's older acts. You can see more on YouTube, Comedy Central, and you can probably order his specials from Netflix. Funny stuff.

In more recent news, Tess is loving spring and hating the rain. We've had a lot of it lately and she just stands at the screen door hoping against hope to be let outside. She's figured out how to open our sliding screen door, so I have to make sure it's always locked. Yesterday between rain showers, Tess discovered a caterpillar.

I know this video looks horrific, but I think the caterpillar was actually OK. They are surprisingly resilient creatures. And yes, that is my lip gloss that she is using to try and decapitate the caterpillar.

Ryan has been teaching Tess how to sniff things. He started her on lotion, and now she likes to sniff all kind of things, including flowers. He's trying to teach her not to stick out her tongue when she sniffs--she likes to sniff and lick things at the same time. In this video she is sniffing tulips that my friend Natalie gave me. I have good friends.

And yes, that is my nail polish that she's banging on the table. For some reason, she loves to carry around cosmetics.


Dipsy said...

Thanks for the Tess pictures! I can remember taking Kenzie to Walmart, taking the lids off all of the candles to smell them and pick our favorite ones. It's a fun and cheap activity! Love, Mom

Ann said...

I am so sorry about your friend. That was so sudden! Things like that do change your perspective.

We are so excited to see you guys (especially Tess) this summer!!

Nana and Papa said...

Just *what* does Tess have against caterpillars?!!! Loved the post.

I remember when Ann's kids always had to carry something around with them, too. Better that Tess haul around small amounts of makeup than when Kate had to carry her doll's huge stroller with us everywhere! Talk about inconvenient. (Please note, that strange woman hauling a baby stroller through the supermarket was actually me!)

xxoo Nana