Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snack Bucket

It's Tess' turn to bring the Snack Bucket to Nursery this week. I laughed when I saw her name on the Bucket assignment list. Not even two years old, and she already has church obligations! Nothing like starting them young!

She's been quite taken by the Bucket ever since we brought it home on Sunday. I don't think she understands what it is, other than being something new to carry around the house.

Snack at church on Sunday is nothing short of ingenious. Church is THREE hours long, for heavens sake! Why don't we all get a snack? When Ry & I taught Sunbeams, there was a favorite snack that I used to bring. It was some kind of Elmo snack mix and it was the perfect sweet & salty combination to satisfy Sunday after-church hunger! The kids would eat maybe 1/10 of the bag, and then Ry & I would scarf down the rest of the bag before we made it home.

I don't think they make the Elmo mix anymore, so I decided to come up with my own version. Tess was a willing helper. The secret recipe is as follows:

1. Gather your supplies.

2. Lick the spoon.

3. One more lick, for good measure.

4. Get a new spoon. Then stir in one part pretzel Goldfish.

5. One part Cheese Nips.
(NOT to be confused with Cheez-It's. Blech!)

6. One part Honey-Nut Cheerios.
Or Honey-Nut Toasted Oats. Come on, it's for Nursery.

7. Sample your work.

8. Get caught sneaking a taste.

9. Give a sign of approval.

10. Into the snack bucket it goes!

I hope there is some leftover after church on Sunday!


Maureen said...

I love, Love, LOVE the picture of her getting caught. That sweet little pout just melts my heart! What a cutie pie! I can't believe how bountiful her hair is now!

Dipsy said...

These pictures look so much like you at that age, Miriam! Especially the one with the bangs. At first, you took a snack to nursery EVERY week. It helped take away your shyness. Dipsy loves you, Tess!

Laura said...

Next time, make some snacks as seen on WOW. (you'll have to ask Ryan for the recipe; he'll know exactly what I am talking about. YUM ~ ha ha ha)

Laura said...

Next time we have to take snack, I think we'll shock the heck out of the kids and take a snack a la Deanne: edamame and Ak Mak crackers. Tasty :)

Ryan and Miriam said...

Tess loves Ak Maks--only she makes a big mess with them. They should make Ak Mak Goldfish.

Dipsy said...

so was her snack a big hit today? Love, Dipsy

Ryan and Miriam said...

She was so cute carrying the bucket into Nursery and handing it to her teacher!

All I know is that there weren't any leftovers. Ry thinks the Nursery teachers were holding back on us and saved the leftovers for themselves. That's what I would have done!