Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making Friends

We had my friend Brandi's little girl over today. She is a sweet little newbie named Grace.

Tess was thrilled with our visitor. She loved Grace's feet and her hair. I was surprised by how helpful Tess tried to be. She picked out toys to show the baby, got out hats for Grace to wear and tried to tickle her to make her laugh.

I had to tell her "be soft" constantly, but she was appropriately cautious with baby--except for when it came time to burp Grace. Tess saw me banging Gracie on the back and immediately came over to give her a wallop on the back. I think I was sending mixed messages by saying "soft, Tess, soft," while pounding on the baby.

I made Gracie dance to the Signing Time songs, and Tess thought that was a riot. But mainly, she just liked to sit beside Grace and look at her. What a sweetheart I have.


Dipsy said...

You really do have a sweetheart! Love, Dipsy

Ann said...

I love your little girl!!! So funny about the burping incident! Maybe it is time to give Tess a permanent playmate?! :)

Maureen said...

That Tess is such a ray of sunshine! I love how she tickled the baby. She can come help me out with my "newbie" anytime!

PS Baby Grace is sure adorable too!

Mary Lou said...

Looks like you're ready for #2!