Thursday, July 10, 2014

May 2014 Tidbits

Tess made an Eiffel Tower out of blocks. When Drew saw the tower, he said, "Tess' favorite is the Eiffel Tower. Mine is Big Ben." 

Drew told me that he wanted to make "Ikea" out of play-doh. 
Ryan: "Drew, how do you make Ikea out of play-doh?" 
Drew: "You have to make a store and parking lot." 

Drew's remote-control Thomas train was rather sluggish in its movement. 
Ryan: "Drew, maybe it needs some new batteries." 
Drew: "Probably it need more coal." 

While recounting the events of the day, Drew indicated that he had had a run-in with a another boy at playgroup.
Drew: "I going to be mad at him." 
Ryan: "Why are you going to be mad at him? Don't you think you should be nice?" 
Drew (not getting the hint): "A 'cause I going to spit at him with my mouth and get him yucky." 

Tess and Drew have had great fun catching baby frogs. Tess commented: "Catching frogs is one of my talents." 

Ryan: "Drew, I want to get a bite of your toes. What do your toes taste like?" 
Drew: "Like stinky socks." 

Ryan: "Drew, can I take a bite out of your toes?"
Drew: "No."
Ryan: "Why not?"
Drew: "Cause I need them to walk."

Drew has been making more than a few messes lately. 
Ryan: "Drew, did you put this candy on the carpet?" 
Drew: "It wasn't me." 
Ryan: "If it wasn't you, who was it?" 
Drew: "Probably a sneakin' chicken." 

Drew: "I have an owie on my foot. I kinda 'barrassed." 
Ryan: "Drew, what does 'embarassed' mean?" 
Drew: "It mean I have an owie." 

Drew: "I faster sleep in my bed. I know how to do that." 

Tess came up with a creative way of sharing her lollipop from church with Drew: they each get their own side to lick. 

Drew was unhappy about distractions while he was dancing to music. With a stern look, he said, "I don't like you talk cuz it's dancing time!" 

After Miriam and Drew passed a clock tower in Lorton while driving on I-95, Drew said, "That London back there." 

Miriam: "Tess, can you believe that in a year and a half, you'll be going to Activity Day Girls?" 
Tess: "Yep, and I'll get to drive too." 

I took Tess with me to Michael's to purchase a frame for Miriam's Mother's Day gift. When she realized that Miriam might be in the store at the same time (Miriam wanted to buy a frame as well), she devised a plan to avoid spoiling the surprise. "Dad, if Mom asks why we're buying a frame, we can say, 'Oh, you never know when you might need a picture frame.'" 

Drew and a friend took a ride in a park swing with room for two. Drew said, "Mama, this swing have room for two bums (pause)...Or one wheelly big bum!" 

Tess has learned a new game. 
Tess, "Mom, can we play 'rock, paper, scissors, shoe'?" 
Miriam (confused about the shoe reference): "What is that?" 
Tess: "You know, the shoe you wear." 
Miriam: "I think it's 'shoot.'" 
Tess: "Can we just play shoe? 'Cause I like that better."