Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mickey Mouse Playgroup Party

Drew has been VERY excited for his Mickey Mouse birthday party with his playgroup friends! 

He helped me pick out the "prizes" for his friends, which he calls "my kids."
 As in, "My kids gonna like Mickey Mouse prizes!" He was singing "Happy Birthday to Drew!" throughout the store as we picked out his birthday balloons.

Hilarious!  I guess Drew is a bit fire-shy, ever since the puppy pants episode.  He did not want to look his candles in the eye.  His kids helped him blow out the candles.

Happier with the fire out.

Tess made decorations for the party.  She was sad she had to miss it.

Drew was so excited to show his kids their prizes.  He was jumping up and down when they came to the door:  "A Mickey Mouse birthday uh-me!"

Prizes and ice cream were a hit!

We danced to some Mickey Mouse songs and they played toys.  
Because that's what we do at playgroup!

Big boy Drew is getting so grown up!


Dipsy said...

What a fun time! I love how Tess got in the spirit of the party! Happy Birthday, Drew! I love you!!!!!

Marzipan said...

I think your cute ideas need to be featured on Made By Marzipan!

ML said...

I think Owen would like to be there soooo much if he was there.(we are watching Micky mouse right now)