Friday, November 1, 2013

October 2013 Tidbits

Drew's response when I asked him what ghosts say: "All say boo!"

Drew's compulsive phrase every time we drive past the Halloween festival at Lake Ridge Nursery: "Look Mom! It Halloween Day!"

Drew's version of crocodile: "Croco-dye-gle"

Drew is pretty good at counting, but he usually gets a little carried away. The other day I asked him how many elbows he has. He looked from elbow to elbow counting, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6." Then he stopped and exclaimed, "I an octopus!"

Tess poked her head in my bedroom this morning: "Mom, Drew came into bed with me, so I'm reading him stories. Is that OK with you?"

Drew, handing me Tess' wand: "Daddy, here's a wand. Turn me into a frog!"

One of Drew's favorite words: "Cool."

Drew's protest to my kisses: "No kisses! Kisses not cool!"

Drew, making his feelings about bedtime known: "Dark time not my favorite."

Drew and I (Ryan) had a conversation about what frogs eat.
Ryan: "Drew, do frogs eat yogurt?"
Drew: "No."
Ryan: "Do frogs eat pretzels?"
Drew: "No."
Ryan: "Do frogs go to Chick-fil-A?"
Drew: "No. Cows go to Chick-fil-A."

Drew held up a small pretzel. "Look, Daddy, a driving pretzel." He turned the pretzel back and forth and then ran around while making car noises.

Drew: "I have two fly cars." He held up one car that resembles a dragonfly and then opened the doors on a second car to create "wings." He then said, "Fly cars go 'beeeeeeee'!"

Drew: "I a soccer guy.

Drew's term for quesadillas: "cheese quedas."

Drew, while walking upstairs: "I go upstairs with my head."

Drew: "I bigger a Daddy."

Drew was delighted with the green sneakers Dipsy and I picked out for him, and showed them off with much leaping, dancing, jumping and walking on tiptoes. Apparently they look like "Halloween Day" shoes to him and he likes to call them "fun fashion shoes."

Drew scary Halloween Day threat: "I get you with Superhero teeth--'roar'--a Superhero teeth a FIRE--'roar'--a fire a marshmallows!!!! ROAR!!"

Tess has been a bit anxious this month, and it hasn't helped that October is "Fire Prevention Month." Apparently they've been talking a lot about fire safety at school. Every now and then out of the blue she'll tell me, "I am scared my school will catch on fire" or "I don't want my clothes to burn!" Sometimes she seems worried about it and sometimes she's silly and lighthearted about it. This morning she came into my room and the first thing she said to me was: "Mom, I practiced fire safety. I crawled from my room into yours! You know why I didn't stop, drop and roll? Because I thought if I dropped it might make a big noise!"

Drew after receiving his potty candy: "Trick or treat!"

We've learned in trying to communicate with Drew that he likes to drop the negative in his sentences. Case in point: "It too fun." |When said in a whiny voice, this actually means: "It's not too fun." Same with: "It too tasty." Which is what he thinks of donuts: "It not my favorite."

Drew does, however, like wheat bagels, which he calls "dirty donuts."


Marzipan said...

I an octopus! Love it!