Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monkey Mischief

Little Monkey Tess has been full of mischief this week. With her improved crawling and skilled use of back scoots, she can pretty much get anywhere and into anything she wants to. I'm impressed by her determination. She will see something, get this gleam in her eye and then pursue it at all costs. She doesn't get discouraged if one approach doesn't work. She just tries something else until she finds something that works. She's persistent all right.

This week Tess managed to get into her toy basket, tip the whole thing over and spread her toys all across the living room. It was amazing to watch her drag the basket from underneath the bench: reach on her belly, catch the handle and roll on to her back, dragging the basket with her. Then, tipping it over: lie on her belly, arch her back and reach way up high, finally grab the top edge of the basket and pull it down towards her. This took several attempts of course, and kept her entertained for a good hour or so.

Tess also loves to get into the wet wipes. She thinks it's fabulous how one wipe pops out after the other. Over and over again.

She also has become quite fond of sucking on the wipes. I don't know what this is about, although I read online that lots of babies like to do it for some reason. Pampers says that sucking on their wipes is not harmful for babies. I have to admit, I tasted one just to see what the fascination was. YUCK! Awful! They taste like soap.

For Maur, here are pics of Tess playing with the book you made for her. (Your other requests will have to be fulfilled by your camera when I come out!)

And some practice standing time--she has a ways to go on this one, but we're having fun practicing.


Laura & Family said...

You need to get your little monkey this little monkey outfit.

Laura & Family said...

I will email the outfit to you. It's sooo cute

Ann said...

You are a true mother. You sucked on baby wipes! That is classic! She looks like she loves her new book!

Maureen said...

What a lovely spot of sunshine she is in my day!

You looked up wipe-sucking? LOL. That's a lot cleaner than many of the things Isaac sucks on...

Shari said...

And I'm sure you have learned to appreciate that one hour to get something done even though she's making a mess!