Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jet Setting

I whisked Tessie away to visit the Murdocks last week. We had such a fun time (though it's tough missing daddy)! Tess got to meet lots of new family members, including her great-grandparents. She also spent lots of time with good ol' regulars, too.

LK and Tess were more interactive this trip. They developed a sort of love/hate relationship, which would swing from being co-conspirators in tearing apart Meredith's house, to making each other giggle in the car, to LK wielding some fierce eye jabs if Tess looked at her wrong. Tess did manage to fight back by biting Lauren's big toe. Tess always goes for the element of surprise. She's not as defenseless as she looks.

We spent a good deal of this trip planning a wedding shower for the "lovebirds," my brother and his new bride-to-be, Miranda. What a fun time! We can't wait for the wedding--now that's going to be a REAL party!


Maureen said...

Looks festive. Wish I were there... oh wait, I was.