Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Tess in the Tub

A bit of fun from this morning's happenings:
a few shots of before, during and after Tessie's bath.

Reen requested a picture of Tess in a hat.
This is the best I can do--unlike Meredith,
I do not have an unlimited supply of hats for my baby!
The only way I could get her to keep this one
on for a few minutes was to let her watch Sesame Street.


And After:
She was really wound up after that bath!
I think she was pretty much exhausted.
She conked out quickly for her nap.


Ryan & Miriam said...

She would look good in my Nike hat.


Laura & Family said...

Hey Ry
Do you still have the hat from London with a brim the length of an ironing board? That's what she would look good in :o)

Ryan & Miriam said...

Yep. I like to wear it while walking in DC. People think I'm a tourist.

Shari said...

She's as cute as ever!