Monday, August 4, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Tess looked so sweet at church yesterday in a new dress and black patent shoes from Aunt Laura! She reminded me of a juicy slice of watermelon, and I'll admit to taking a few nibbles!

To Tessie's delight, she discovered that patent leather shoes make the neatest squeaking noise when you rub your feet together during Sacrament Meeting.

It's tough to get a picture of Tess holding still these days.
I don't remember watermelon being so wiggly!

Thanks for the cute duds, Laura! I can't believe they already fit her!


Shari said...

She is so cute! I can't believe how big she is!

Ann said...

That is the cutest dress EVER!!!! Was it Brooke's? Where did you get it Laura? She looks adorable!

Maureen said...

She looks like a little Shirley Temple in those shoes and short dress... I wanna see her tap dance to "Animal Crackers!"

Nathan, Laura, Brooke & Andrew said...

That is the juciest watermelon ever. She is even seedless - double bonus. Mir- I also have frog overalls from the same maker. They are really cute.

Ann- the dress was Brooke's and mom bought it from that woman that makes "those" clothes. Kate has several outfits too from her. Actually, i think we have all of Kate's outfits.