Saturday, July 19, 2008

Water Bug Shnug

Tess finished swim lessons last week, so we decided it was time to take Dad to the pool and show off what she learned!

Tess is very comfortable in the water and has a natural affinity for KICKING, whether she's on her back or her belly. She was the smallest baby in the class, but often made the biggest splashes!

Ha, ha! You thought this was Tess, didn't you?
What kind of a mother do you think I am?
Doesn't it look a lot like her, though?

Don't worry, Reen, I did not test her innate newborn swimming capabilities by dropping her in the water to see how she'd fare. She did manage to get her face dunked a time or two, though, and she doesn't really seem to mind that too much.

This morning we took a short trip to the National Gallery of Art to see a remarkable exhibit of artifacts from the National Museum of Kabul, Afghanistan. It was thought that all of the artifacts in the museum were destroyed during bombing by the Taliban, but some were secretly rescued and hidden by museum staff. Some of the items date back to more than 2000 B.C., and they reflect a surprising mix of cultures that influenced the region. These are pics from the East Building of the Gallery.

Now, this is the kind of mobile
a baby dreams about!


Maureen said...

Look at that girl kick!

I knew that underwater baby wasn't Tess... Tess would never develop such an un-ladylike wedgie.

P.S. My entry is coming soon...

Dipsy said...

The movie clip worked this morning! It is hilarious! I miss that little sweetie...and YOU too! Love, Dipsy

Ann said...

I thought, "did they use an underwater camera to take that picture of Tess?" That baby really does look like Tess! I just finished reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns". Have you read it?? They talk about the Taliban blowing up so many artifacts in Afghanistan! I would have loved to see the exhibit! (you guys are such a cultural family!)

Ryan & Miriam said...

Did you notice the underwater baby isn't wearing a diaper? Too gross! Tess isn't as "cheeky" as that baby, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I have read it. The author (Kahled Hosseini)actually narrated an introductory film for the exhibit.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the underwater picture of "Tess," my first thought was, "I hope Mir didn't put her good camera underwater. . ." (No thought for the baby, ha.)

xo Nana

Nathan, Laura, Brooke & Andrew said...

I am seeing swimtean in the near future. Time to re-join Hunter Mill Swim and Racket Club!! Remember getting fireballs and Orange Crush at the snack bar?