Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th Fun!

Three-day weekends are the absolute BEST! We were pretty partied out after my birthday last weekend, so we hadn't really planned much for the 4th. So totally last minute, we threw together a picnic with Nana & Papa, and what a fun time we had! The weather was hot, but not too hot, and the rain held out for us.

We met Wendy & Keith at Burke Lake Park, a really fun place that none of had been to before. It's a beautiful park and it has a carousel and a cute kiddie train ride. Thinking it looked tame enough, we decided to try the train ride. (This is the type of thing you can do with a baby in tow, that would make you look kind of crazy if you attempted without a kid along. Other such activities include going ward playgroup, the sprayground and library story hour.)

I don't know if we had a possessed train driver or what, but towards the middle of the ride, that train started flying down the tracks! It was like a mini-roller coaster whipping around the bends! Tessie's eyes were getting pretty big and I was gripping her tightly and wondering whether an infant has ever derailed into Burke Lake. It was a fun ride, but we noticed they were checking out the engine once we got back. Maybe our exciting ride was due to some sort of engine malfunction.

Sadly, I left my memory card in the computer (AGAIN!), so I didn't get many pics. Wendy was able to get a few cute ones on her camera, so I'll post them once she gets a chance to send them on.


Nathan, Laura, Brooke & Andrew said...

Hi Mir
Is that little dress Gap and if so did I send it to you?? That was the 4th of July dress I was telling you about and tore my basement apart trying to find!! I hope that's the one. She looks so much older. Cute pics

Nathan, Laura, Brooke & Andrew said...

p.s. Tessie looks so happy to be with her Nana. I am happy too when I am with Nana :o)

Ryan & Miriam said...

Yep, that is Brookie's dress that you sent. It didn't even occur to me that you were talking about that one! I feel so bad you searched your basement for it. It really is a darling dress. I didn't think it would fit Tess yet, but she always manages to surprise me.

Thanks for patriotic attire!


Nathan, Laura, Brooke & Andrew said...

i will send more clothes this week :o)

Maureen said...

She is the picture of patriotism! SOOO cute! I really enjoyed the slide show, it's almost like a flip book because her smile gets wider and wider as she gets older :) Love that girl!

Maureen said...

LOL! I just went to use the link to Mer's blog... that's hilarious!!

Dipsy said...

The picture of Wendy and Tess is worthy of hanging someplace in a place of prominence. So dear of both of them. Love, Dipsy