Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015 Tidbits

Drew and I were discussing how some of his favorite toys came from Nana, and how it is that she knows what 4-year-old boys like. Drew's conclusion: "Nana is my favorite person."

Somehow Tess and I (Ryan) got on the subject of twins. Ryan: "Tess, did you know that there are some twins whose bodies are joined together? If one person wants to go somewhere, then the other person has to go to the same place. So they have to go to the bathroom together. And if one person wants to go to sleep, then the other person has to go to bed too." Tess: "Yeah, they're kinda like missionaries."

Drew: "I have a longer name. It's Ninja Turtles Higginbotham Green Lantern Higginbotham Batman Higginbotham. I like a longer name."

Drew, looking at a map of the world: "Dad, I want to visit France, San Diego, and Gingy [Virginia] Beach. Those are my favorite places on the earth."

Drew was having trouble with the zipper on his new coat. Miriam asked if she could help. She said, "This coat is having some problems, isn't it, Drew?" Drew replied, "Mom, I think this coat hates us!"

Drew's questions for the St. Patrick's Day leprechaun: "Why are you just running? Why you not waiting to see me like Santa Claus?"

We asked Drew to give the opening prayer in his Primary class. His response: "I no know what an 'opening prayer' is. But I think it's when you say a prayer with your eyes open. So I can do that."

Tess lamenting the snowy winter we've had: "Mom, I miss the grass!"

Tess told me (Miriam) that one of her classmates was upset and crying in class because she had learned that Abraham Lincoln died. Tess rolled her eyes and said, "Sure, it's sad, but I mean she's a little late to be crying about it!"

Drew was trying to pull himself up on the bathroom counter when I (Miriam) asked what he was doing. He replied, "I trying to see all my whole self in the mirror. Wow! Handsome!"

Tess: "When is this snow ever going to melt? We need 30--or 100--suns!"

Tess' new catch phrase: "This is going chaos!"

Drew, insisting that he wanted to whistle his own way: "It's my body. I can do whatever I want with it!"