Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 Tidbits

Ryan:  "How did your brother become so silly?"
Tess:  "He learned it from me.  Seriously."

Christmas morning tidbits:
Tess, coming down the stairs:  "The stockings are gone [from the stair rail]!  Okay, so that's a sign.  Number one clue!" 
Drew: "Santa make me happy!" 
Drew: "Santa knows all about everything!" 
Drew, coming to terms with the fact that Santa did not bring him a giant rocket:  "Maybe Santa bring a rocket on another day." 
Somehow Drew didn't notice his big present from Santa, a four-wheel motorcycle, for several minutes.  Upon noticing it, he exclaimed,  "I never saw that before!" 
Tess, having difficulty opening a present:  "Any help here?!" 
Tess, holding a plastic box cover in front of her face:  "Look, I'm in a box!  You can buy me!" 
Drew (several times):  "I always wanted this!"
Miriam: "Drew, your left hand is the one you write and eat with."
Drew: "And I ride my bike with both hands so I don't fall."

Drew, talking to Ryan: "When I get bigger, I wear your clothes. And then I sleep in your bed! Where Mommy sleep?"

Drew, surveying the family room floor: "Santa can't see the mess here. That's why I have to clean up." After helping to clean, Drew exclaimed, "Santa can walk here now!"

Miriam: "Drew, where will your gingerbread people live when you eat your gingerbread house?"
Drew: "The gingy people live in my tummy!"

Drew's first comment when coming downstairs this morning: "Oh, my gingerbread house looks so BOO-tiful in the morning!"

Drew: "I fink the Santa at Occoquan was just a Dad Santa. His beard not a real beard. His voice sound a little bit different."
Ryan: "What does the real Santa sound like?"
Drew: "He says, 'Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!'" 

Drew's comments while we read a easy-reader book about a man and his car: "On 'Peppa Pig' [a British cartoon show about a pig, her family, and her mammal friends], they have petrol. In 'ginia, they have gas!"

Tess' comments on her newly-built gingerbread house: "Look how beautiful! It's a brand new model home!"

Miriam, trying to help Drew with his letter sounds: "That's an 'M.' Can you tell me what 'M' says?"
Drew: "'M' says 'mmmmmm.' Like 'eat.'"
Me: "Uh, not really. 'Mmmmm' like 'Mom.'"
Drew: "No, I mean 'mmmmm' like I eat 'cuz I hungry!"

Drew: "Mom, after my sing-a-long at school we can go to Occoquan and get a cookie? Can you think about that?" (Can you tell how I usually defer these kind of questions?)

Tess: "I thought I just saw an eagle, but it was just a man riding a bicycle."

Tess, taking a photo of Morley, our Christmas scout elf (mimicking our standard instructions to Tess and Drew when we take a photo of them): "Morley, say cheese! Eyes!"

Drew on the Christmas star that signaled the birth of Christ: "How Heavenly Father put that star up in the sky? I fink he took a rocket ship up, up, up to the moon to do that."

Drew the theologian: "In heaven they talk a little bit different. They say things like [adopting a high-pitched voice], 'Yoo-hoo!' They have a language like that."

Drew: "I love you 'cause you're warm!"

Miriam: "Drew, what do you know about Christmas?"
Drew: "It's Jesus' birthday!"
Me: "Yes, but what do you know about Jesus' birthday? Did he go to Chuck E. Cheese?"
Drew: "Nooooooooooo!"
Me: "Did he have a Mickey Mouse birthday party?"
Drew: "Nooooooooooo!"
Me: "So what was his birthday like?"
Drew: "He had a CHRISTMAS party!"

Tess on watching Peter Pan (after learning that Peter cut off Hook's hand in a fight): "So before they met, he was just known as Captain Hand?"