Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014 Tidbits

Drew at the spray park with Miriam, commenting about a water fight she started: "Mom, you need to calm down!  You're too wild!"

Drew has been telling me recently that he wants to be an airplane pilot "when I get big."   He recently identified a second career choice: "I gonna be a rock star when I grow up." 

Nana gave Miriam a beauty magazine to read.  Later, Tess complained: "Mom, why did Nana give that magazine to you and not to me?  I'm much more interested in beauty than you are."

Drew and I were discussing the hand with which he uses to eat, throw, and draw.
Drew: "Dad, I eat with my 'P' hand."
Ryan: "What's your 'P' hand?"
Drew: "It's the hand I eat peas with."

Drew: "Mom, can we go to Hotbelly's?" (his name for Potbelly Sandwich Shop).

Last night Drew sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."  When he finished, he said, "That's a good song for dark time."
Ryan: "Drew, what's a good song for up time?"
Drew: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Sun."
Ryan: "Drew, what is your firefighter's name?"

Drew: "Jerry."
Ryan (having no idea where Drew heard the name): "Why did you name him Jerry?"
Drew: "Cause some firefighters are named Jerry."

Drew and Tess have several small dinosaurs that change color in cold water (and change back when warmed).  While dipping his dinosaur in water and pulling it out, Drew repeatedly commented: "My dinosaur turned memory."  I asked, "Drew, what do you mean it turned memory?"  Drew replied: "It mean it turned back to the same color."

Beverly, Miriam, Kenzie, Lauren, and Tess went through the open house for the remodeled Ogden temple yesterday. Tess' song for the occasion: "I love to see the temple, I'"

Tess, talking about her trip to Idaho: "All the stuff they do at the airport is kind of funny. Like they examine you with an x-ray like you're at a doctor's office."

Drew seems to have taken a lesson or two from my scissors accident. As I cut something for him, he warned, "Dad, don't put your finger inside [the blades]. It'll make more owies."

Drew the neat freak: "Dad, let's not make a mess cause Mom cleaned up a big mess."

Drew: "Dad, I love my shadow a-cause I like to play with it. [pause] Dad, your shadow is nice too."

Drew: "Let's make a big cage-trap to catch that fly."

Drew: "Dad, let's make a long booby trap for a little train."

After using the bathroom, Drew walked out and said, "Dad, I think I don't need to wash my hands cause I don't see any germs. I think."

After I told Drew the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" at bedtime, he wanted to tell me a story.
Drew: "Once upon a time, three bears went walking and walking and walking in the woods. And a boy went to their house and ate some oatmeal in a train. And the bears saw the boy in the bed, and the boy ran, ran, ran back to his house. The end."
Ryan: "Drew, can you tell Mommy that story?"
Drew said, "I can't make it again," and turned over to go to sleep.

Drew: "I have good brains!"


Marzipan said...

Better than the obvious answer of what a P hand is.