Friday, September 6, 2013

July/August 2013 Tidbits

Last night Drew was chattering away to Ryan about his day. At one point he said, "Watch this Dad: 'I can't talk! I can't talk!' Ha, ha, ha! I kidding!"

Very frequent Drew phrase: "I can't do it! I can't do it! I can't do it by myself." Sometimes-heard Drew phrase: "I did it! I did it myself!"

Drew's new favorite show is "Pie-you" (Caillou), which he wants to watch constantly. He may drive Tess and me (Miriam) nuts.

Common new Drew phrase: "I can't talk! I can't talk!" He likes to talk quite a bit now, and gets frustrated when he can't get a word in edgewise because Tess is quite the chatterbox too.

At 2 years and 8 mos, Drew can now say his ABC's, count to 13, identify all the colors, and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Five Little Monkeys," and "I am a Child of God."

Funny new Drew phrase when he's impressed by something: "Wow! Amazing!"

Tess tactics to get her little brother to leave her alone:
1. "Drew you no want to play computer. The computer is SO boring!" (While she is playing computer.)
2. "Drew you don't like Barbies. They don't do anything." (While she is playing Barbies).
3. "Drew go upstairs and Mommy will give you a BIG motorcycle! A real one! Go! Go get your motorcycle!"

Overheard Teacher Tess instructing Drew today: "Poor paws. Can you say 'poor paws?' Good! Knows what 'poor paws' means? It means 'why' in French! 'Poor paws.'"

Drew: "Watch this, Daddy! Watch this, Mommy!"

Drew's new phrase for "please" is "pea-peas." Instead of sound polite, it sounds more like he constantly has to go to the bathroom.

Tess and Drew like to play outside with two boys down the street, ages 5 and 8. If Tess seems them outside, she announces, "My friends are outside, and they want to play with me!" Drew calls them "the kids." He greets them with a wave and a "Hi, kids!" Then he tells me, "I play with kids, Mama. Be white back."

Drew was riding his little motorcycle on the sidewalk, when a motorcycle drove past, much to Drew's delight. "That motorcycle the SAME! Look! Drew motorcycle FAST!" Then he hunched over his bike and peddled with his might while saying, "ZOOM!"

Tess response when she saw herself in the mirror dressed for ballet class: "Oh, I look like I could be on the top of a jewelry box." Tess response when, on the way to ballet class, she pulled a snag in her tights into a huge hole: "I do NOT look beautiful anymore!! Everyone will laugh at me! I do NOT look like a ballerina!"

We ran an errand at Lowe's, so I let the kids make a routine stop to sit on all the riding lawn mowers. When got back in the car Tess asked me, "Mom, are turtles really slow?" Well, they're not particularly fast. "Are rabbits really fast?" Um, yes I suppose. "Cuz that's how you make a lawn mower go fast or slow--you push it to the turtle or rabbit."

Tess was playing with her little pink computer, when she pointed to the attached pink mouse. "This computer is like those computers from a long time ago."

Ryan: "Drew, what do you want for breakfast?"
Drew: "Mm want yogurt. Dinner."

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am to the sound of loud crinkling. I walked out of the bedroom and found Drew sitting in the hall with two large bags of pretzels and munching away.

An overly tired (and tearful) Tess at bedtime: "I want my headache [headeck] to last forever! I wish my headache could last forever!"

Drew and Tess both had cupcakes in their hands. Drew bumped Tess' cupcake with his own and said, "Cheers!"

Drew now likes to point out things that are the "same." Drew pointed out that Dad was wearing socks, and ran over to grab some socks for himself. Once I'd helped him put them on, he said to Ryan, "Look! Same!"

When Drew is excited about something he now responds with a very high pitched, "Wooo!" or sometimes "Woo Hoo!"

My favorite new Drew phrase: "See ya waiter, Mom!"

We were teaching the kids how to play "Sorry!" tonight, and I explained how you get to knock other players off. When it came to Drew's turn, I told him that he got to knock a piece off the board. I encouraged him, "Knock it, Drew!" He thought for a minute and then used his fist to knock on the board, like he was knocking on a door. Knocking on the board is pretty much the only rule he mastered.

We were eating popsicles today when Drew came up to me and knocked his popsicle against mine and said, "Cheers!"